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Arte Moreno says Angels are "probably out" on big name LFs, are you out on the Angels in 2016?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arte Moreno just ruined the Angels' holiday season by dropping a gigantic dose of Ebenezer Scrooge on us. Yes, the man on the Forbes 400 list is saying he's too cheap to go after one of the good, young names that are currently out there and that could fill the Halos' glaring hole in left field. Instead, as evidenced by today's signing of Daniel Nava(as well as the four other marginal MLB OFs they've acquired lately), they're going to eschew a season of fireworks for a few months of duds.

All of our free agent opining is most likely going to be all for naught, and perhaps it's our fault; perhaps we shouldn't have gotten our hopes up. But it seemed SO perfect, and he had splurged on big name talent in the past, right? Well, think again, because while he'll happily throw money at headcases and aging superstars, he tightened the drawstrings on his purse this winter and told all of the fans wishing for a Jason Heyward, Justin Upton or Yoenis Cespedes under the tree to kick rocks and have fun with those free agent blue balls.

Oh, but be sure to be back in the seats in 2016...namely, the expensive ones, where he can squeeze a few extra dollars out of you. Will that even work, though? We're hardcore fans so I guess we just have to deal with the ownership hand we're dealt, but in the past year we've seen his antics go from slightly irritating and hasty, to downright shrewd and unconcerned.

The free agent class of 2015 was tailor-made to give the Angels an opportunity to surround Mike Trout with championship caliber pieces, and instead they opted out of the money race and stood pat. No offers were given to Jason Heyward, they are "probably out" on the remaining big names, and a platoon is eminent in left field. I have no choice in my fandom but to continue watching/listening to their games, but the heart and emotion is going to have to come from the few-and-far-between bright spots. They have Mike Trout, and Andrelton Simmons is going to be a treasure to watch. Are those two young studs enough for you to continue putting $100 bills into Moreno's pockets? If it aint, might as well avoid the Angels for the next couple seasons.

I will say this of Arte Moreno: just when I thought he couldn't be more of a faltering, out of touch cheesedick, he goes and puts himself into the Cheesedick Hall of Fame. Bravo.