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Angels Twitter reacts to Arte "Scrooge" Moreno's latest insult towards fans

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Josh Hamilton actively haunting Arte Moreno over his shoulder
Josh Hamilton actively haunting Arte Moreno over his shoulder
Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Yesterday was rough; a couple months of speculating what name would be plucked out of the stacked free agent class and placed in the Big A's left field grass, all down the drain with the uttering of the words "probably out". Arte Moreno once again proved he is more pound foolish than perhaps any other owner in the league, with his insistence on signing or trading for flaming trash piles like Vernon Wells and Josh Hamilton, or getting so worked up over an apocalyptic Lars Von Trier movie that he went out of his way to give a 32 year-old Albert Pujols an insane 10 year deal.

These were signings that were at best sketchy, and at worst utterly stupid and rage-inducing, but we at least had that thrill of having an owner who was going out there and spending money on his team. Cut to late 2015, a cold snap whistling through Orange County(Cold=less than 60 degrees), holiday season in full swing, and while the rest of the denizens of our community are getting our coats and sweaters on, in hopes of staying warm, Arte Moreno is probably over-watering his lawn while wearing Dolphin shorts...because you don't really have to worry about freezing temperatures if you're already the owner of a cold, dead heart.

It's been a relatively short time that I've been manager of Halos Heaven(about 8 months), yet this is already the third (by my count: Alvarado comments, Dipoto resignation, "probably out" fiasco) gigantic PR gaffe that he's committed, in either a direct or roundabout way. If you count the Josh Hamilton debacle, that's four black eyes in the past year. Things are not getting any prettier or rosier in the Halosphere, that's for sure, and people took to Twitter in droves yesterday to voice their displeasure in our bungling, mustachioed jefe.

There were many ways that people took to social media and put their displeasure with Moreno out into the ether, but i've collected some that span all the various feelings and emotions our evil Billboard Czar elicited. Time to take the pulse of the Angels community...for some, the heart rate is through the roof via anger, while others are almost flatlining on their love for the Halos.

Arte Moreno and a pile of trash, separated at birth:

Some aren't too stoked on current LF situation, to say the least:

What's tougher? Final exams or dealing with Arte Moreno:

"Fried dicks" seems harsh, but at least they're fried:

Simple, and to the point...and then some:

Why not both?:

Seriously, bruh:

The truth hurts more than anything:

Meanwhile, as Angels Twitter was set ablaze from anti-Arte Molotov cocktails being lobbed with impunity, Mr. Moreno was dealing with more important, pressing matters. Like being the grand marshal of a Christmas boat parade in Newport Beach. As the denizens of one of the most posh and expensive hamlets in America showed off their garish, floating money pits, Arte Moreno held court, reveling in the fact that while they all sported fat bank accounts and ledgers, only he had the power to rile up the plebeian baseball fans of O.C. And he did it all with two words, to boot: PROBABLY OUT.