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Angels trade Collin Cowgill to Indians for cash, non-tender pitcher Cesar Ramos

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Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

More moves coming out of the offices of Eppler, Black and Martone: bench outfielder and platoon favorite Collin Cowgill has been traded to the Cleveland Indains for cash considerations. How much cash is the question here, but it was probably nothing to write home about, relatively speaking. The move doesn't come as a shock, as the Angels were expected to non-tender Cowgill by today's deadline...not to mention they just signed Rafael Ortega yesterday, who has more raw upside than Cowgill while basically filling the same organizational role.

Everybody, wave goodbye to Mr. Cowgill. Good luck in Cleveland!

Also of note today was the announcement that the Angels have non-tendered relief pitcher Cesar Ramos. This is a bit more surprising, considering he actually had a decent year coming out of the bullpen. He was due to make $1.7 million in arbitration, but the non-tendering makes Ramos a free agent. His 2-1 record and 2.75 ERA in 65 games may get him a contract with another club soon enough, however.

Meanwhile, on the more positive side of things for players, the Angels tendered contracts to 4 arbitration-eligible players: pitchers Garrett Richards, Hector Santiago, Fernando Salas and Kole Calhoun.