The case for trading C.J. Wilson

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Mr. C.J. Wilson: Overpaid pitcher (How many are there now?), wimp (He appears to be very ready to find a new team), and extraordinarily average.

Also (A few fun facts): Married a Brazilian model, owns 3 Mazda dealerships (1 in CA, 3 in Illinois), and is a Taoist.

Mr. C.J. Wilson is in the final year of a terrible contract (5 yr, 77.5 mil). Scrooge Moreno must be extraordinarily happy to see him go. And since he is apparently not committed to the Angels because he is willing to undergo season-ending surgery just even though it appears he could play through it, it is time to trade Mr. Wilson.

Case for keeping him: He brings stability to the rotation (sort of), in that he is somewhat consistent. You know he gives up 3-4 or even 5 runs a game, strikes out a few here and there, etc. He doesn't fold over the course of the season as we saw last year from a certain person who shall not be named (*cough Hector Santiago *cough). Also, with new coach Charles Nagy, we may see something new because the Butcher is no longer carving up arms. Plus, the man himself expects to pitch at an "All-Star Level." We can trust players, right? I mean, they know what's best for the team. Ain't that right Jered Weaver (just stop trying already, you're too slow)?

However, Wilson has a gargantuan $20 mil year coming up, and can block a trade to 8 teams. Other teams were asking for almost $15 mil to be kept by the Angels, so it is kind of a deal breaker.

Case for sending him: He's 35 years old and apparently has a bum pitching elbow. Playing after surgery doesn't work out sometimes (over to you, Albert) and apparently doesn't want to pitch in Anaheim. He hates pitching in Oakland, so why bother pitching for a team that is constantly traveling there? Plus, the Angels already have a surplus. Skaggs, Santiago, Weaver, Tropeano, Shoemaker, Heaney, Richards, the list goes on. Wilson is (at best) a #3 or #4, with Richards and Heaney definitely deserving of #1 and 2. Wilson is average. Just barely under a 4 ERA does not constitute a reason to keep him.

A losing attitude is a locker room cancer. Unless CJ fixes his attitude, the Angels need to get whatever they can while he still has value, because that guy isn't going to bring us to the playoffs. You know what is? A LF but I'm sure you've all had your own thoughts about that. Do whatever you have to, Billy/Sosh and Arte. Get rid of CJ, because the cons sure outweigh the pros.


Send him down! Loser attitudes can be fixed with a little bit of a humbling experience. Plus, if someone claims him off waivers he isn't the Angels' problem anymore.

Trade him to Texas. Give him a career resurgence. Make him a Halo Killer like the rest of them, because he probably deserves better than this poohole.

Trade him to somewhere else: The White Sox, maybe? They lost Samardzija, plus they need someone to fill out the rest of the rotation behind Sale. Or Boston. They've got a surplus of mediocre outfielders. Maybe we can swap a mediocre pitcher for one of them to complete the platoon. There are lots of places that would love a $5 to 7.5 mil #3/4 pitcher. Just get rid of him.

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