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The 10 most popular Halos Heaven articles of 2015

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2015 was a banner year at Halos Heaven, despite healthy doses of tumult and community upheaval. There was plenty to be excited about (mostly Mike Trout-related), plenty to get upset about (where do I even begin?!) and plenty of Angels happenings that fall firmly in between. But all of that adds up to one heck of a year at Halos Heaven; our community is stronger than ever, I genuinely believe, and the numbers MORE THAN back up our repeated claims of being THE BEST, BIGGEST, AND MOST BADASS Angels site on the world wide interwebz. Thanks to all who made it possible...most importantly, thank YOU!

Okay, enough cock-of-the-walk posturing, though. Let's do something fun. I want to take a look at what the biggest, most-viewed stories of 2015 were here at Halos Heaven, and put them up here for all to see and then think "I remember that. That was funny" or "I remember that. Now I'm sad all over again" or "I don't even remember that. Whatevs."

So here we go. The 10 most popular Halos Heaven articles of 2015:

10. Cubs have had "multiple conversations" with Angels about acquiring starting pitcher from Angels

Okay, so this really never amounted to anything, whatsoever. Keep this in're going to see a bit of a trend.

9. MLB Trade Rumors predicts Yoenis Cepsedes, Daniel Murphy and Ian Kennedy will be Angels

Here it is again. Okay, right off the bat you can see what's inherently(and unintentionally) hilarious about the blogging game: a lot of stuff you write has an extremely limited shelf life of importance. Remember when a blurb from MLBTR was something to get excited about? Reading it now, it's just funny, in a sad sort of way. Such is the life of a blogger, though. Don't hate the writers, hate the game.

8. Mike Trout is one of eight "five tool players" in MLB, according to Statcast

This one makes perfect sense. It's about Mike Trout, and how awesome he is. In a perfect world, this list is made up ALL pro-Mike Trout pieces. Because who doesn't want to continually read about Trout's greatness?

7. The Angels' third base shopping guide

Great piece of work by Carlos here...mapping out all the possible ways the Angels could have effectively improved on their 3B needs this winter. Of course, this one is pretty much moot, now. I noticed that trend beginning with the Draft: we have guys put all of their intellect and baseball acumen into speculating what the Angels will do...then the Angels go out and do something that almost nobody thought was going to happen, thus making our guys throw their hands up in the air as a final act of capitulation. The Halos cared not about Carlos' 3B shopping guide, because it didn't involve a Yunel Escobar trade. C'est la vie.

6. The Royals get cocky in sweep of Halos

This was from early in 2015, when Ventura was being all aggro on Trout, which of course got things fired up in the article's comments. The problem with revisiting trash talk from early on in the season is that the team you rail against (Royals) then goes on to win the whole damn thing, therefore making the trash talk seem like nothing more than the stinky residue of haterade. Turns out, the Royals were cocky for a reason. Oh well...2016 we will forget about their success and go back to making fun of them. As we should.

5. All the pieces are in place for Angels to sign big ticket OF

Depressing. Let this article, and others like it, slip out of your memory.

4. Josh Hamilton headed towards suspension for drugs

The top 5 is where we start to see the star of Halos Heaven 2015 page views: Josh Hamilton!!

Remember back when we all thought Josh Hamilton was actually going to get suspended for his violation of drug policy?!?! So yeah...didn't QUITE turn out that way, to say the least. It's interesting to check this article out in retrospect; seems like it was the last time Josh Hamilton was given any sort of leeway or sympathy around this site(for the most part). Definitely a different sort of tone in this article than what we'd eventually see, but again, such is the case when you're blogging about events before knowing all of the info or how it's going to turn out.

3. Hambone wife cheated claims Josh in divorce filing

Here's another appearance from the Josh Hamilton Drama Machine. This post is hidden, however, so don't bother searching for it. This was the beginning of some...ummm...changes in the site. We've gone over that in length before, though. Personally, I am SO glad we don't have to talk about Josh Hamilton or his divorce any more. Don't care, never cared, buh bye.

2. Jered Weaver sends Kyle Seager to hospital where he's being treated for severe burn

One of the best moments of 2015. Hardass Weaver gets into it with another fellow baseball hardass, and shenanigans ensue. Team Jered Weaver For Life!!!!! I think this one was popular because Angels fans loved it, and my headline ticked off many Mariners fans(my email inbox at the time could attest to this). Riling up a rival fanbase, FTW!!

1. TMZ: Josh Hamilton wife no cheater

There you have it. The #1 story out of all things that happened in 2015 is a post about what Josh Hamilton's wife said to TMZ regarding their divorce. Gossip is tough to beat when it comes to getting eyeballs on an article, no matter what the subject or area of blogging focus. When looking at our page views throughout the year, this one would always have 2-3 per day, and probably will til the end of time. Or at least until there's some new updates on the Hamilton divorce(I think things have been silent on that front for awhile now, which may point to why this piece is still getting search hits. Aint nothing new out there to click on).

In 2016, I look forward to more Mike Trout insanity, and more insane speculation about what the Angels are trying to do in that wacky front office of theirs. I also look forward to 100% decrease in Josh and/or Katie Hamilton stories this time next year. Of course, there will be other juicy, gossipy bits of info out there in the next 12 months and i'd be lying if I said I won't dip into those with the same maniacal glee that Rev did. It just comes with the territory.

All in all, a damn fine year for this site. We do some pretty neat stuff here, if I don't say so myself. Hope you all are looking forward to 2016 as much as I am, and if I don't see or hear from ya between now and then, Happy New Year! Here's to 2016. Go Halos!