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HALOLINKS: Vlad Celebrates His 40th Birthday

For years we had assumed it would be his 39th....

Yesterday when I was young...
Yesterday when I was young...
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Vladimir Guerrero was born on February 9, 1975 - meaning he turned forty years old yesterday.

When the Angels first signed him as a free agent in January of 2004, he claimed to have been born on that date in 1976. Later it was revealed he was a year older. It didn't make much difference - he was one of the greatest Angels of all time. In his six seasons with the team, the club missed the playoffs only once (2006), and they won 89 games that year.

The internet recapped some great Vlad moments, here are a few of them:

His cannon of an arm on display IN THIS LINK.

Of all people Darin Erstad shared THIS LINK and called Vlad the best pure hitter he ever played with. High praise from an unimpeachable source.

And finally Jose Mota shares THIS PICTURE of a bygone era, this one made get all sappy inside - Vlad's lone walkoff home run as an Angel sees his teammates waiting for him at home plate on a weekend afternoon last decade but starting to feel like thirty years ago.

What are your favorite Vlad stories?