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Bo Way and Cal Towey: Top Prospect Performances of 2014

Taking a look at Bo Way and Cal Towey, who put up two of the finest performances on the Halos' farm

Time to evaluate
Time to evaluate
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

18.  Bo Way, 22, A. 2.6 WAR .347/.410/.510 with 4 HR and 13 SB

The proverbial man amongst boys against rookie and A-ball competition. Way hits plenty of line drives, a lot of groundballs, and fanned in just a tenth of his plate appearances, so should continue to hit for average. He could make it to Double A before the year is out, and should see major league time by the end of 2016. As has been discussed on this site, his tool package is more J.B. Shuck than Kole Calhoun, so near-certainty of MLB time does not equate to likely impact.

19.  Cal Towey, 24, A+, 2.6 WAR, .279/.364/.417 with 10 HR and 21 SB

Towey hit well enough in the California League, but you could say that about a hundred guys. He mans the hot corner and is one season removed from a .492 OBP, so given our organizational history at third base, that was sufficient to stoke some longstanding desires among the fan base and optimism about his future. The hope is probably misplaced. Towey fanned in more than a quarter of his High A plate appearances; Kole Calhoun, by contrast, fanned just 16% of the time while walking more and hitting twice as many homeruns in his own Cal League spin.