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Oldest and Youngest Players in Angels 2015 Spring Training Camp

Nobody from the 1970s is taking the field... these days... these days...
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When the forty members of the Angels active roster join up with the twenty three players who were invited to Spring Training, the group will represent players born during a thirteen and a half-year span.

Albert Pujols is the oldest player on the Angels. He was born on January 16, 1980. Pitcher Sean Newcomb was born 13.5 years later on June 12, 1993. Last year's first round draft pick is the youngest kid in camp.

Two other players in camp were born in 1980 - one is C.J. Wilson, eleven months Albert's junior born November 18, 1980. The other was just signed on Tuesday - reliever Matt Lindstrom, born February 11, 1980. Two other Methuselahs roam Tempe: Josh Hamilton, who was hatched in May of 1981, and Jered Weaver. He arrived in October of 1982.

Balanced with those five senior citizens on one end of the age spectrum stand five players in camp who are younger than Mike Trout (born August 7, 1991). They are:

Nate Smith (8-91), Eric Stamets (9-91), Cam Bedrosian (10-91), Trevor Gott (8-92) and Newcomb.

Bedrosian is the only player on the forty man roster younger than Trout and currently the youngest player to ever take the field for the team in a regulation game.

Can you name the last position player and pitcher to take the field in an Angels uniform born in the 1970s?

How about the 60s? (Halos Heaven was around for this feat)

The 50s? The 40s? The 30s? Name any Angels player born in the 20s... believe it or not there were a few.