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Andrew Daniel and Luis Jimenez, Top Angels Prospect Performances of 2014

Taking a look at Andrew Daniel and and Luis Jimenez, top Angels prospect performances of 2014.

14. Luis Jimenez, 26, AAA. 3.0 WAR .285/.321/.504 with 21 HR with 12 SB

Same as he ever was. Over the past five years, Jimenez has performed within a half win or so of his 2014 total in four of them. The fifth was 2013, when he contributed approximately half a b-WAR to the major league club, but was injured much of the rest of the year. You know the "Lucho" schtick: good defense, lots of pulled outfield flyballs, sufficient for doubles pop but not elite home run power. In the majors, he couldn’t even manage those flyballs when a quarter of the pitches he saw were low and away off the plate. He swung and missed at a lot of those pitches, far more than he did in the minors. When he managed contact, he popped out a quarter of the time. He’ll try to make his prime count in Milwaukee.

15. Andrew Daniel, 21, Orem. 2.8 WAR .337/.404/.510 with 6 HR and 13 SB

Great debut for an eleventh rounder, shows a nice blend of skills, and he held down second base well enough. At this point, it’s tough to imagine him jumping over Kody Eaves on the depth chart, so he'll likely head to Burlington rather than Inland Empire.