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C.J. Wilson Reports, Makes Excuses

Dairy-Free and Shame-Free Lefty in Camp.

...just another dumb jock after all...
...just another dumb jock after all...
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Well Jeff Fletcher of the Orange County Register has the big scoop from camp. On the day pitchers and catchers reported to the Angels Tempe, Arizona Spring Training facility, Fletcher tweeted the comments of pitcher C.J. Wilson:

In 2012 it was elbow chips that he pitched through in pain. In 2014 a banged-up ankle. He plays through pain. Is that admirable? To get anywhere in the game coming up as an amateur a player has to show that he will take the field under any condition. And so the boys are socialized into men who do not think about the long-term, right?

Wait a minute, we are talking about supposedly nonconformist straight-edge role model C.J. Wilson, the purveyor of Positive Mental Attitude propaganda, aren't we? This is no ordinary jock according to the DIY hype machine located in the trunk of a Mazda sedan at his dealership up in Oxnard. How does he see himself?'s Alden Gonzalez lets the scruffie-faced one deliver the self-assessment:

The dramatics are an attempt to minimize his own stupidity, ingrained into him since little league - play banged-up or don't play at all. The Angels have started their camp at the dawn of the Chinese New Year and C.J. Wilson's self-mythologizing is a sham – It is just perfect we see the real him at last on the first day of the Year of the Sheep.