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Huston Street Extension Percolating

Four more years?

Should we keep him in red?
Should we keep him in red?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Closer Huston Street and the Angels are talking contract extension. Reports abound on Twitter as well as paper-backed media outlets that Street is seeking a four year contract extension that would include tearing up his 2015 agreement and making it Year One of Four.

Street turns 32 on August 2. Is that a red flag? Some things to consider: The fewest number of games he has ever pitched in his ten seasons in the bigs is forty games, back in 2012. He is generally healthy and the few times he has sat have never been for anything chronic.

Additionally he seems to be improving with age. Angel stadium is a good place to not give up home runs and his stats outside the long ball tend toward the fantastic. Improving on the gains he has made in limiting dingers could benefit the Halos - a closer who has mentally put together what works and still retains the physical power to execute said "things that work".

Street will turn 35 on August 2, 2018. Do we want to be paying him for the next four seasons to assure he celebrates that birthday in an Angels uniform?

The worst that could happen is a Frieri-Flameout. The best that can happen is a continued burst of the precise pitching he has appeared to master. Street is his own agent and loves being an Angel. The open market would easily deliver $11 million a year to him, but it might not hand him a four year deal at that pay rate. If Jerry Dipoto gives him a no-trade clause for a hometown discount, could that come closer to the seven million dollars per season he has made for the past two years and is scheduled to make again this season?

Word is the contract extension will be done by Opening Day.