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Angels Owner: No NFL in Our Stadium

Arte Meets the Media!

Arte Earlier Today...
Arte Earlier Today...
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

In case you had your hopes up that the San Diego Chargers of Anaheim or the Los Angeles Raiders of Oakland were coming to Angel Stadium, Arte Moreno assured the media today in Tempe that there were no possibilities of that happening.

To further drive home his point he emphasized that the practicalities of what the field would be like after an NFL game:

As great a one-liner as this is, Arte's words are no mere quip here. Consider the billions that might be available to him if a serious deal were to be set in place - all with the lone caveat of his field being a little torn up in September and October.

We have an owner who would sacrifice countless millions of dollars in lieu of hiring a divot-replacing specialist. That is a commitment to excellence beyond most of what sports ownership delivers these days. Additionally, as a prickly stadium negotiation situation arises, Arte tossed away the perfect opportunity to use the threat of NFL partnering as a ploy to gain leverage.

Love him or hate his Buttercup cronies, the man is a straight shooter. There will be no pigskin on the Los Angeles sacred pitch of Anaheim.