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Angels Quandry: Josh Hamilton Avoiding Spring Training

Mister bump on a Log is not getting with the program.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The permanent recovery of Josh Hamilton continues as the soap opera delivered a new twist this afternoon. Looks like Jocko Rehab is not going to even have a locker in the players' clubhouse.

His surgery was just over two weeks ago. It was pronounced a success. He had some bone shaved off in his shoulder to relieve arthritic pain. It was explained he would be out six to eight weeks. Today that number got pushed to twelve. Twelve weeks. From today or from the surgery? Oh who the hell cares at this point. Point is that bonding with the team takes place at Spring Training. This is where players socialize and interact as much or more as playing on the field.

It is disgraceful that this Millionaire Pig takes our owner's money, tells the fans he doesn't care about them and then, when there is the one chance per season where he could at least be forging ties with his fellow teammates and at least look like he cares, well, where is he? Forget Waldo, where's HamBone?

Is there something in the water in Arlington that makes former Texas Rangers players turn into treestumps when they transplant to Anaheim?

Perhaps this little piggy knows he is not wanted at the market and wee wee wee he is just staying home. I only hope he comes back so that the whole Halo Nation can boo him and that the unleashing of our pent-up rage at his casual post-cracksmoking waddles around the field burn into his eardrum a ringing of disdain that never stops piercing his monomaniacal conscience.