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Tuesday Halolinks: Is Jerry Dipoto one of the best GMs in baseball?

ESPN says the Angels' GM could become great, but is he already one of the best?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Things are picking up in the baseball reporting world now that every team has reported for spring training.  Here's today's lot:

  • Here's a pretty hefty article over at ESPN cataloging each professional teams' use of statistics.  The post praises Dipoto for his ability to merge stats and traditional scouting, so far as to state he could become one of the best GM's in the business.  However, first he must overcome a couple of other guys in the Angels' organization: The Great Analytics Rankings - ESPN, "The real concerns now are in the owner's suite and the manager's office. Both owner Arte Moreno and longtime manager Mike Scioscia are traditionalists, and that limits how well the Angels integrate analytics, making them a classic "one foot in" team."
  • I'll probably write this a few times this spring...the Angels have the potential to have a pretty strong bullpen if things break somewhat in their favor: Mike Morin hopes to fill seventh-inning reliever spot with Angels - LA Times, ""Once Jeppy got traded to Tampa Bay," Morin said before Monday's workout, "that was my goal." Morin, 23, had a strong rookie season in 2014, going 4-4 with a 2.90 earned-run average in 60 games, striking out 54 and walking 19 in 59 innings, and stranding 34 of 43 inherited runners. Garrett Richards took another step in his rehabilitation from surgery to his left knee, throwing 40 pitches Monday in his third bullpen session of the spring, a workout pitching coach Mike Butcher called "outstanding."
  • Alden Gonzalez is in Tempe tossing out the posts:

    Richards looks 'outstanding' in bullpen session -,

    "Richards has no weight-bearing limitations on his surgically repaired left knee, but Angels manager Mike Scioscia said the 26-year-old right-hander is still about 10 days away from taking part in pitchers' fielding practice and he won't pitch in Cactus League games the first time through the rotation."

    Santiago enters rotation battle with something to prove
    "I feel like I've earned a spot," Hector Santiago said. "In my eyes, I feel like it. They probably want a lot more out of me, but I feel like I did well enough in the second half." Santiago started his Angels career 0-6 with a 5.19 ERA, but he posted a 3.30 ERA over a 90-inning stretch after coming back from a three-week stint in Triple-A. Now the 27-year-old left-hander will have to fight off a couple of young up-and-comers to keep his spot in the rotation.

    Salas looks to stay grounded at Halos camp
    "But the 29-year-old right-hander has navigated through his entire career with a dangerously high fly-ball rate, which most notably led to serving up the game-winning homer in Game 1 of the American League Division Series last October. That's why Salas' goal this spring is to gain confidence in his sinker."

    Aybar adjusting to life after Howie
    "The pair joined the Angels in 2002, Aybar as an amateur free agent out of the Dominican Republic and Kendrick as a 10th-round Draft pick out of Palatka, Fla. Three years later, they teamed up in Double-A, then came up to the big leagues at around the same time, established themselves as everyday players at around the same time and agreed on extensions to delay their free agencies at around the same time."

  • If you haven't heard, Yoan Moncado signed with the Red Sox for $31.5 million.  Here's the fallout:
  • If the Angels are not allowed to sign any player after July 2nd, they should have been chasing Moncado all the more: Vladimir Gutierrez, Yadier Alvares Can’t Sign Until July 2 -, "That means, barring any changes, five teams will essentially be eliminated from signing Gutierrez and Alvares. The Angels, Diamondbacks, Rays, Red Sox and Yankees have all gone over their current 2014-15 international bonus pools, which means that beginning on July 2, they won’t be able to sign any pool-eligible players for more than $300,000 for two years."
  • In other words, the rich get richer: Moncada is popular topic with Cactus GMs -, "Hahn on Red Sox involvement "It's not totally unforeseen. There are only so many areas that the stronger financial clubs can flex their muscles now. It's not going to happen as much domestically. The international rules place some limits on what you do starting July 2, through that period. If you're willing to push past those limits, this is one of those areas in which the stronger clubs can exercise their might. It's not shocking."   By the way, I'm so glad Dave Stewart is not the Angles' GM: "D-backs GM Dave Stewart "It's the way the game has gone. The game has gone that way."  Gone the way of the game.
  • Read this post and tell me the new commissioner speaks "differently".  All of is quotes sound like a legal briefing intended to voice a lot, but actually say nothing.  Manfred: Moncada deal may renew international draft talk -, "In terms of the international-acquisition system, I am of the view that is a topic on which we will continue to evolve," Manfred said. "I think there is a natural symmetry to the idea of having a single method of entry into the game -- a draft or [both] a domestic draft and an international draft, and over the long haul I suspect it will be a topic in 2016. The significance of that topic probably increased by some of the activity we've had recently."  In plain english: "We should probably look into changing the system."
  • What’s Become of Prospects Kind of Like Yoan Moncada? - FanGraphs Baseball, "Now we move on to Part 2. What’s Part 2? Figuring out what Yoan Moncada is going to be."
  • Remember that "rich get richer' part I mentioned above?  Well here's the Super-rich getting obscenely richer":MLB considers spinning off its powerful streaming business - The Verge, "Rather than sell MLBAM wholesale, the league would prefer to keep control over the streaming company while bringing on minority investors with a stake in its continued growth and success, like Time Warner (HBO) and Sony (Vue). MLBAM took in over $100 million in 2014 and "could be valued at more than $5 billion," per the Journal."