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Wednesday Halolinks: Lindstrom looking good in camp

Spring invitee Matt Lindstrom is turning heads in early workouts.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry gang, but today is my moving day and I'm somewhat freaked out.  Unless you can hire a professional moving company to come in, pack your stuff, and move it for you, moving sucks...and even then, it still sucks.  My problem is I haven't gotten my new place finished yet, and we have to be out of my old place by in 3 days. GAH!

So what does this mean to you, the Halolinks reader?  It means you get a stripped down version of a link post -- mainly the stuff from  I apologize.  Sincerely.

  • How cool would it be for the Angels to get a very serviceable reliever for a million bucks a year?  Can Angels hit the jackpot with Matt Lindstrom? - The Orange County Register, "He's grabbed some attention early in camp with the way he's throwing the ball," general manager Jerry Dipoto said."
  • Dipoto mentions Lindstrom in this informative interview:
  • And the latest from

    Lindstrom looking good early in Angels camp
    Every year there's one guy who sticks out amid the monotony; a pitcher who turns heads in the early bullpen sessions because the catcher's mitt just seems to pop a little louder when he's letting them go. For the Angels so far, that guy is Matt Lindstrom.

    Angels want steady approach to set bullpen pace
    But recently the Angels have placed more of a premium on strike-throwing ability than radar-gun readings. A prime example was Michael Kohn, who can throw his fastball in the triple digits, but he couldn't make his way to the Majors last year because his walk rate was too high.

    Joyce may help Scioscia's lineup fall in order
    Joyce's .341 on-base percentage the last four years could fit nicely in the No. 2 spot, giving Angels manager Mike Scioscia another hitter he feels comfortable with at the top of the order and allowing him to bat Trout third. But with Josh Hamilton slated to start the season on the disabled list, Scioscia would prefer not to stack his only two left-handed hitters at the top of the lineup -- leadoff man Kole Calhoun is the other -- and would probably opt to bat Joyce fourth against righties.

    Baldoquin's camp debut stalled by visa issues
    Baldoquin isn't expected to join the rest of the position players for the first full workout on Wednesday due to visa issues that are keeping him in the Dominican Republic. The 20-year-old right-handed hitter will work out mostly in Minor League camp this spring, but he'll occasionally work with coaches on the Major League side, and he may even get in some games late in the Cactus League schedule.