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Josh Hamilton Headed Toward Suspension for Drugs

"Drug of Abuse" is not steroids or other performance enhancers.

Josh Hamilton
Josh Hamilton
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Angels OF Josh Hamilton is heading toward a suspension for using a "drug of abuse" according to numerous MLB sources.

It appears he will be undergoing an eighty-game suspension, again, according to unconfirmed but reliable sources from major media organizations.

This explains why he has not shown up to Spring Training. This explains why he was rehabbing from his surgery in Houston while his wife is shooting "Real Housewives" in Orange County.

The worst thing an addict can do is to relapse and to have that magnified by publicity only makes it all the more hellish. For every personal demon Hamilton has fought in his career, two more seem to pop up.

Perhaps this is just an issue with his surgery, many fans would be relieved by some drug test going wrong because of modern medicine. The benefit of the doubt should go to the man, a suffering human being deserving of our compassion. But the likelihood that he used and is owning up to it seems to be the razor truth of the matter.

Say a prayer for Josh Hamilton, the man. We can determine what this means for the team at another time. For now, be thankful your demons are not dragging you into a goldfish-bowl-shaped hell.