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Top Angels Prospect Performances of 2014

Taking a look at Wade Wass, Kurt Spomer, and Maikol Gonzalez, who put up top performances on the Angels' farm last year.

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

28.  Wade Wass, 22, Orem. WAR: 2.2 .341/.460/.606 with 7 HR's

Rookie ball slugger who fanned in more than a quarter of his plate appearances, though a robust 13% walk rate atones for the whiffs somewhat. Full season ball usually tests these types, but Wass gets bonus points for having some catching experience and signing with the Halos after going undrafted. Showing that he can stick at catcher will ensure that he’ll get opportunities to show more power in full season ball.

Check out the pop:

29.  Kurt Spomer, 24, AAA RA-9 WAR: 2.2  FIP-WAR: 0.5. 74.2 IP / 2.17 ERA / 14% k-rate / 10% BB-rate / 55.4% GB rate.

A side-armer who put up spectacular numbers in High A, but walked more guys than he struck out in the upper minors. As a niche arm who’s seen success, albeit in the California League, he remains a curiosity worth following in 2015.

30.  Maikol Gonzalez, 28, AA. WAR: 2.1. .270/.372/.329 with 1 HR and 30 SB's

Career minor leaguer, signed midway through the season to provide some steadiness to the Arkansas squad. He delivered.