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Angels Postgame: Halos Tie Dodgers 7-7

First Cactus League Tie.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers will play the Angels ten more times this year after today - not counting October! Nobody has bragging rights yet as the game ended in a 7-7 tie!

Mike Scioscia called starting pitcher Andrew Heaney "Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde" noting that after a brilliant first inning but then got his change-up too up in the strike zone and that the major league hitters in the blue-meany lineup made him pay for it. By the way, I called them "Blue Meanies", the Big Catorce just talked about them like they were any other team.

Scioscia also commented on Kole Calhoun and Albert Pujols "I wish we could put this all away until July - they are in midseason form". These comments were made to Mark Gubicza on the sidelines after the game. Gubi is back and in shape as much or more than the athletes.

Heaney gave up six runs before he was pulled in the fourth inning. The Halos were behind 6-3 but the final score shows that the second string had no trouble being gutsy. There are no ties in baseball but there are needles on this cactus. Tomorrow is a night game against Cleveland.