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Stadium Search Series: Episode VI

The sixth installment of the series (and technically the seventh location, as the Riverside article predated the series). Thus far we've looked, in the series, at Montebello, Long Beach, Irvine, Las Vegas and Santa Clarita. Obviously the Angels will look at many possibilities. Arte, undoubtedly, wants to move towards the Los Angeles base that he has already furthered the team's marketing towards. So how about getting as close to it as possible--without being in the city proper?

Imagine this scene being geographically closer to happening. In the postseason.
Imagine this scene being geographically closer to happening. In the postseason.
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

As I've been doing this series, more locations have come to me, in addition to the six already reviewed. I'll throw a couple more around, including today's.

This one is a bit more unconventional in terms of the approaches I've taken thus far, but quite conventional in that: 1) it places the Angels almost towards the heart of Los Angeles, 2) it juxtaposes the team, physically speaking, to exactly the kind of environment Arte Moreno wants to create himself, thereby making less work to do, and 3) it does so without the need to invade a ton of space.

There are two long-standing, iconic structures that would flank the north and southeastern parts of a new stadium at this location. There is PLENTY of land to spare for such a project, as well. I actually (briefly) explored this in the comments section of another installment in this series, and although I dismissed it at first, I've given it more consideration and thought it might be worth exploring.

There's not much to hype and create suspense about, so here we go.


Yes, this site would place itself between Hollywood Park, at its southeast, and The Forum (formerly the Great Western Forum) at its north. Creating a tourism trifecta of sorts for Inglewood (though yet another traffic monster, inevitably so), this new stadium has plenty of room in the northern parking lot of Hollywood Park, leaving half of the lot to spare (ostensibly room upon which to build a parking structure, with even more room left to move the Big A, if desired).

I mean, there is the faint POSSIBILITY that shopping and entertainment could still be developed adjacent eastward of the stadium in the other half of the parking lot (in which case far more parking structures would be needed), but this is the caveat, mainly on Arte's end: Building a stadium at this location would likely eliminate the possibility of developing the surrounding land, which is a major point for him in moving.

It could, however, still happen.

At this site (assuming the stadium is built on the western half of the northern parking lot), there is a rectangular, almost square, portion of space that is 19 of the 27 acres, where the stadium could be built (the area where Kareem Court would extend is the functioning boundary between the two halves, here). The curvature of the former racetrack, however, creates a "bump" of some sorts that truncates the size of the lot's eastern half. This leaves an extra 8 acres south of the potential stadium (north of the boundary for Arbor Vitae Street) for shopping and entertainment to be developed, which isn't impossible, especially if Arte builds a complex of two or even three stories for such a purpose.

Another issue? This site is three miles east of LAX, and almost a mile away from its closest freeway access. Speaking of which...

Interstate 405 Century Boulevard east, then left on Prairie Avenue
Manchester Boulevard east, then right on Prairie Avenue or right on Kareem Court
Interstate 105 Prairie Avenue north

Crenshaw Boulevard north, then left on Pincay Drive
Interstate 110 Manchester Boulevard west, then left on Kareem Court or left on Prairie Avenue

Obviously? Options are a bit limited, and no exit is less than 3/4 of a mile away from the freeway, which will make for fun surface-street clogging. If there is a given night where both The Forum and new Angel Stadium are hosting events...oh boy. Get the day off of work to make sure you'll wade through traffic accordingly.

Public transit, however? Different story. ELEVEN different bus stops in the immediate vicinity of the stadium, combining for twenty different buses that stop there each day. There's more than one way to get there.

In addition, although a bit less convenient, you can take the Metro Green Line to the Crenshaw station, if walking about 2-2.5 miles north to Pincay Drive afterward doesn't bother you.

So let's see. Space? Perfect for a stadium, could even still be suitable for accompanying entertainment. Travel? Rather adventurous on the freeway, but plenty of Metro bus stops, and a bit of an exercise if you take the Green Line to the Crenshaw station.

What's the benefit on Arte's end, as the location stands now?

Well, it's in the heart of Inglewood, directly adjacent to two long-standing iconic LA venues. Although there's not tons of space to develop, there is space that could be suitable for development (and said development would benefit both The Forum and Hollywood Park, as well). Plus, if you head east on Manchester and jump on the 110 northbound up to the junction with I-5, you're at Dodger Stadium--turning the Freeway Series into a true crosstown rivalry. The team could, and almost certainly would, truly be the Los Angeles Angels once again, and for the long-term.

The big question: The land currently occupied by the racetrack is set to be turned into a residential complex (thus adding another developmental angle to this saga). The casino, however, will still stand. Will this impede any potential pursuit of this plot of land? Does it actually BENEFIT Arte's pursuit to add more to the land that's there? Could the Hollywood Park Casino cooperate to a point where part of ITS designated parking area (bounded by Prairie and Century) could be developed into further shopping and entertainment?

The possibilities seem almost endless with this land. Is this an opportunity worth cashing in on for Arte Moreno and the Angels?