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Angels Win as Shoe Stomps M's

Mariners Shut Out in Tempe

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels shut out the Mariners in Tempe Diablo Stadium just two weeks to the date that they will be hosted by Team Nintendo at SafeCo Field in Seattle on Opening Day.

Matt Shoemaker threw 23 pitches in three innings and only tossed 71 overall thru six as he waltzed all over the allegedly threatening Seattle lineup.

After the game, Mike Scioscia told Jose Molina:
"Matt's fastball command sets up all his pitches and he had that command today, he was great at controlling the count and did a good job throwing the pitch that was needed."

Scioscia also said that Shoemaker needed more work in the bullpen after the game as he had not thrown the specified number of pitches he needs to throw to be stretched out for the season.

Kole Calhoun left the game with a strain in his hand and Scioscia said this has happened before and they will look at it tomorrow.

The bats were hot early and the pitching was seasoned throughout, what more do you want?