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Michael Roth & Shawn O'Malley: Top Angels Prospect Performances of 2014

Taking a look at Michael Roth and Shawn O'Malley, ex-Angel farmhands.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

7.  Michael Roth, 24, AA. RA-9 WAR: 3.5  FIP WAR: 1.4. 2.63 ERA, 14% k-rate, 9% BB-rate

You'll note the rather massive gap between Roth's runs-allowed based WAR and his FIP-based WAR. Strikeouts aren't really his thing, and even in the minors his walk rate was no great shakes. What he did do, and did very well, was to limit hard contact in Arkansas. Finesse lefty, through and through. That's no doubt a legit skills set, but there's no evidence so far that it will transfer to the majors: his homerun rate on contact last year was 22%, and he didn't coax a single pop-up from a big leaguer. He did get groundballs, but with the walks and HR's it just didn't matter much.

The Indians invited Roth to spring training on a minor league deal. It will be fascinating to see how he throws the ball with them: will he try to revert to that guy in the Angels' 2013 spring training camp who maxed out in effort at 91 mph? Or will he be the 2014 version who laid back in the mid-80's?

8.  Shawn O'Malley, 26, AAA. 3.5 WAR. .317/.400/.464 with 4 HR and 15 SB

After a successful 2014 campaign with the Angels, I was hoping that longtime minor league vet O'Malley would hold onto his 40-man roster spot with the Halos. Positional versatility, some OBP from the left side. Notched his first MLB hit in Angels' red in his September call-up.  Just seemed like a guy worth rooting for.

Everyone's turning the page in 2015: O'Malley'll ply his trade with the Mariners this year after Dipoto made the ever-so-slight upgrade to Johnny Giavotella, bumping the switch-hitting journey man from the 40-man.