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Take Your Shot: when will MLB announce the Hamilton punishment?

Odds are that MLB will announce Josh Hamilton's punishment very shortly now. You pick the date & hour!

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Rumors abound that Rob Manfred, MLB in general, will announce whatever any sanctions might be forthcoming against Josh Hamilton before Opening Day. So we have a fork in our decision tree. Are those reports accurate, or are they not?

And, if they are accurate, when will MLB choose to make their announcement? Late Fridays are generally considered fabulous times to release bad news so as to dump the release when few are looking. And who wants to cast a cloud over Opening Day hoopla?

So here is the deal: name the date and time you expect the announcement to occur. Closest to the actual hour wins, from either direction (if your guess is earlier or later than actual). Ties go to the earliest post. Multiple winning posts with the same posting date/time will be decided by which one is closest to the top of the page. Thus no replies to other comments will be counted.

Winner will receive something cool of my choice. I promise. Just as I promise that I cannot repeat last year's cool pre-season prize of Opening Day seats. But I will come up with something...