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Angels Win First Spring Game!

3-2 over the Brewers

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

The highlight of the game was Mike Trout hustling hard down toward 1B on a two-out chopper to Jean Segura at SS. The throw was wide but Trout might have beaten it all anyway. This allowed C.J. Cron to score from 3B to tie the game at one apiece. The defensive highlight was Chris Iannetta throwing to Eirck Ayabr to pickle a runner off of 2B to end the first inning.

Hector Santiago walked a batter in that first inning but it would be the only Brewer to reach base on a free pass. Angels pitching was good if not totally dominant. The Brew Crew made outs on the base paths to ease the pain of scattered hits.

Cron had two hits to the opposite side. The Angels squeeze Huston Street in contract negotiations by bringing in Jeeremy McBryde to close the game in a 1-2-3 ninth.

Jose Alvarez got the win and if pitching wins is a meaningless stat imagine how meaningless it is in the Spring!