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Angels 2-0 in Tempe After 3-0 Weaver Win

Rockies stifled by great D

Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels flashed a ton of leather in beating the Rockies today in Tempe.

Raise your confidence in this club for the season ahead based on what they put out there.

There were highlight reel plays by Drew Butera, Grant Green and Collin Cowgill.

Jered Weaver was sloppy at first but the D bailed him out and he ended up throwing too many pitches to finish the third inning. But it is spring and getting the work in is what matters most.

Final score was 3-0 and your Halos are now 2-0 on the Spring - and have looked good doing it.

Erick Aybar had a triple. He remains mister hustle out of it all, right? This is his first year in the past ten where Howie Kendrick is not his double play partner and who should take the mound for the Rockies but Kyle Kendrick. Is this weird or is this just baseball?

Grant Green made a case to be the starting 2B and Taylor Featherston sac flied in Alex Yarborough in case a plethora of 2B possibilities is your bag.

The Halos hit the Cactus road to face the Athletics tomorrow at Noon.