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Weaver Digs Hole, Angels Can't Climb Out

Calhoun Drives in Three but Jered Wobbles in Loss to Royals

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It was a good start - Kole Calhoun hitting a leadoff homer against the Royals. He started the ALCS with a deep blast that got near the wall and then could have been imagined as a triple but was caught on the run and leap by Lorenzo Cain, the first of many miracle catches that stymied the Angels in October of last year.

And so it seemed different tonight, redemptive even, to blast one out against the Blue Barbecues. But the more things change the more they change as the rock of consistency, Jered Weaver, gave up six unearned runs. My wife texted me the situation: Jered looks like Jeff. Yes. That bad.

Down 6-1, though, the Angels bats did not give up. The offense rallied for three runs later in the game, Calhoun driving in two ith a two-out double in the fifth inning and then scoring on a Mike Trout hit. Nice.

But not nice enough. The bats went silent after that and that was that.

If Jered Weaver has not velocity and no location then we have us a Jeff Weaver. In 2006, Jered's older brother Jeff Weaver signed with the Angels and was flat out terrible. Jered is older now than Jeff was then. Just sayin'.