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Royals Get Cocky in Sweep of Halos

Barbecue Blueboys Earned Some Helmet-Bound Brushbacks this afternoon

Idiot Wind Blowing Down The Backroad Heading South
Idiot Wind Blowing Down The Backroad Heading South
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels not much Royals a lot more

The Angels lost to the Royals Sunday, getting swept in the three game home series. C.J. Wilson was to blame for this game, gutlessly giving up seven runs and returning to his nibbling ways.

But the real story is suddenly the Kansas City Blue Barbecue is trying to grill opponents for getting hits. Unless KC's team doctors gave pitcher Yordano Ventura a lobotomy prior to game time, there is absolutely no excuse for talking smack when the reigning MVP gets a hit off of you and then to confront Mike Trout when he slides in cleanly at home plate... oh wait a minute, I guess Kansas City players get angry when a man makes it home from third base because they could not do the same in the last game of 2014's World Series.

Is this what teams are going to have to put up with  this season - a cocky Kansas City? Are their fans going to go all Red Sox Nation on us? Did they run around the stadium smearing barbecue sauce everywhere in Anaheim these past three days?

Angels lost on a familiar meltdown by CJ but the real story is Kansas City apparently thinks it has a dynasty to swagger on about. Don't dare slide at home like that one guy should have last October - they gonna get in YO face for reminding them.