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Thursday Halolinks: Santiago's do does it for Angels

A reverse mohawk changes everything for Hector Santiago.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

For me, Wednesday's game ended around 4pm, and with today's day off, we're going to go a little over 48 hours without Angels' baseball.  What the hell?  Didn't the season just start?  Geez.

  • I wish I could have found a photo of Santiago's new haircut.  Had I been able to, I'm sure it would have looked a lot like something from Mad Max: MLB Recap - Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers - Apr 15, 2015 -, "Mike Trout helped convince Hector Santiago into getting a reverse Mohawk after the left-hander lost his first start and the Los Angeles Angels were swept in their first home series. "Stay in your lane," Santiago said, explaining what the haircut symbolized. "Just like I draw the lane out on the mound. Stay straight ahead."
  • Jeff Sullivan over at FanGraphs does what he does so well in this post about Mike Trout: Pitching to Mike Trout: 2015, Vol. 1 - FanGraphs Baseball, "Trout this year has played in eight games. His lowest inside-pitch rate for a game is an even 50%. That’s still percentage points above the league average for righties. And I just noticed Trout’s game is underway Wednesday, and he’s batted two times. Seven of eight pitches have been over the inside half."
  • Mark it on your calendar; Sunday is the day the Angels won the A.L. West: Richards' next step to be determined by Angels -, "Richards could return for Sunday's series finale against the Astros, which would keep him on the normal four days' rest and put Matt Shoemaker on six days' rest at home against the A's on Monday."
  • Just because we haven't heard anything for the last couple of days doesn't mean nothing is going on.  I'm sure the Angels have a room full of $500/hr attorneys pouring over Hamilton's contract: Another battle possible over Josh Hamilton - LA Times, "Two people familiar with Hamilton's contract say it contains at least three provisions Moreno could use to pursue his case, including one that would enable the club to void the deal if Hamilton could not perform because he had engaged in "dangerous activities" that include drug and alcohol abuse. The Angels also could cite a provision that would allow the club to walk away if it determined Hamilton was not in "first-class condition" because of substance abuse."
  • Yes.  Oh God, YES! Cowlishaw: Why the Rangers should trade for Josh Hamilton - Dallas Morning News, "Sure, but he has rolled the dice on other moves and come out worse. Let me ask another question. Would you trade Choo straight up for Hamilton, no strings attached? Choo is owed $116 million from now through 2020. The Rangers would save $33 million in the long run. The Angels would get three years from Choo after Hamilton’s contract has expired. Frankly, I don't think the Angels even do this deal. But maybe they would."
  • Where will Albert Pujols finish on career home run leaderboard? -, "​PECOTA projects Pujols to reach both 3,000 hits and 600 homers sometime during the 2018 campaign, his age-38 season, and to finish with numbers that would rank 10th on the all-time hit list, nudging aside Paul Molitor (3,319), and sixth on the all-time home run list, surpassing Ken Griffey Jr. (630). In theory, he could beat the forecasts in both categories by a year if he more closely approximates last year's totals of 172 hits and 28 homers."
  • Outfielder Crashes Headlong Over Fence To Swipe A Homer.  You know what else is cool about this?  The throwback looking uniform worn by Indiana.
  • The things you gotta put up with by being famous: Pedro Martinez skillfully ignores photog invading his personal space -, "Not bothered by the amateur paparazzo sitting next to him at Yankee Stadium, Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez goes about his business--munching on a snack and taking in the Red Sox and Yankees--while also being an objet d'art." 
  • I think I asked this before, but what is too much when it comes to stats and baseball?  Statcast ready for its 2015 debut -, "Deemed by MLB Network analyst Brian Kenny to be "a revolutionary technology that will change the way fans around the world view our national pastime," Statcast can track nearly every aspect of a given play in unrivaled detail. It provides information from the acceleration and maximum speed of runners and defensive players, to the release time and velocity on throws, as well as the degree of spin on breaking balls."
  • If you haven't been following this, the story is the Diamondbacks seem to require fans sitting behind the plate to wear the home team's colors: Diamondbacks had nothing to do with fan covering up Dodgers blue - FOX Sports, ""At the time of purchase, fans who are looking to buy those seats are informed that we prefer that they wear D-backs or neutral attire. We offer them alternative locations or even provide them with team gear. "However, should they purchase them and choose to wear opposing team gear, they are permitted to do so. That was also the case this past Sunday when a fan made his way into the box to say hello to a friend. In that instance, they joked around with their usher before another fan sitting in those seats gave him her jersey in jest."