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Anatomy of a great catch

Toronto's Kevin Pillar does something amazing.

Review the awesomeness!
Review the awesomeness!
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I know this has nothing to do with the Angels, but if you're an Angels' fan you must also be a baseball fan.  And as a baseball fan you should be able to appreciate when another team's player does something amazing.

Last night, the Toronto Blue Jays' left fielder Kevin Pillar, did this:

It's one of the best defensive plays you'll see this year, but while watching the above video, there are a couple things you'll notice if you look closely that makes the play even more amazing.  First, while watching the video, look how far Pillar ran to get to the spot where the ball was going over the fence.

Next, check out how Pillar takes his eyes off of the ball.

He's watching the ball:

Looks to see where the wall is:

Looks for the ball:

Looks to see where the wall is:

Looks for the ball:

Times his leap:

And makes the catch:

Here's the whole thing:

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