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Angels Bats Go Silent In 4-0 Loss To The Astros

The throwback unis were amazing. CJ was ok. The offense was bad.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Tonight's game against division rival Houston Astros was a taut pitchers duel for the first six innings, until one mistake by C.J. Wilson changed the complexity and sealed the Angel's doom. In the sixth inning, young gun George Springer took Wilson deep with a solo shot. A one run ball game might be something the Halos have overcome in other games, but there was none of that magic in Minute Maid tonight, as the Angels could only muster a handful of hits, and a situation or two in which they could have struck gold, but crapped out.

CJ looked okay, albeit frustrating as usual, but Mike Morin didn't make things any better by giving up another homer minutes later, sinking the Angels in a 4-0 hole that they'd still be stuck in by the final out. The pitching wasn't that bad, just a couple mistakes, but on a night like tonight with the Angels offense seemingly still back at the hotel watching pay-per-view, the pitching had to be PERFECT.

We'll get them tomorrow and take the series.