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Mike Trout Talks BODYARMOR with Halos Heaven

When Nike released Mike Trout's Lunar Vapor, Trout spoke with one Angels blog: Halos Heaven. Mike phoned us Wednesday to talk again and it was not to say "April Fools".

The Official Sports Drink of the Angels: BODYARMOR
The Official Sports Drink of the Angels: BODYARMOR

MIKE TROUT HALOS HEAVEN BODYARMOR PHONE INTERVIEW All Star Angels slugger Mike Trout phoned us yesterday here at Halos Heaven Headquarters to talk about his role in getting BODYARMOR made the official sports drink of the Angels. Since yesterday was April First, April Fool's Day, who is going to believe me that Mike Trout called me? I could see our rival fan blogs having a field day with that. So I waited a day to break the news - and the news is that Trout and the Angels will have no trouble staying hydrated this season.

Last year Mike Trout had to go into the clubhouse during games if he wanted to drink his preferred sports drink, BODYARMOR, a brand he first tried in 2012 and liked so much that he became an investor in the company. Today it has been officially announced that BODYARMOR is the now the official sports drink of the Angels.

BODYARMOR founder Mike Repole has his sites set on the dugouts of 29 other major league stadiums, the sidelines of every NFL, NHL and NBA team - and he is well aware that over 300 college programs would benefit from the beverage he introduced to to the sports world just four years ago. It is all natural "No artificial anything" he tells me, adding that BODYARMOR is high potassium and low sodium. Repole's secret to success? He lets the elite athletes sample the product and offer suggestions. He just introduced his seventh flavor, Lemon Lime, six weeks ago and like all recent releases, top athletes gave Repole feedback about their preference of flavor combinations and performance results when using the drink. And as Kobe Bryant is his company's number three shareholder, Repole listens.

The official announcement from BODYARMOR celebrating the sports drink's new status in Anaheim quoted Trout at length regarding the limits he faced in rehydrating during a game. He wanted to drink what he wanted but a certain beverage was the only one the players were allowed to drink in the dugout. To quote the press release:

"I first discovered BODYARMOR a few years ago and it made a huge difference in my training," said Trout.
"We're asked to perform our best on the field and we should be allowed to hydrate with what works best
for us. The inability for me to drink BODYARMOR at the stadium and in the dugout led me to ask both the
organization and BODYARMOR if there was any way to get BODYARMOR in the Angels dugout."

If there is any downside to this exclusive agreement between BODYARMOR and the Angels, it is that the visitors dugout in Anaheim will also have BODYARMOR. My sentiment is that if this stuff is half as good for athletes as they believe it is, hey, why share the good stuff with the opponent? Well, the Angels are nothing if not sportsmanlike, and when an Angels player gets a postgame soaking from the cooler of, no not Gatorade™, no, a soaking of BODYARMOR... well that night's opponent can drown his sorrows in a cup of this delicious, all-natural rehydrating sports drink.

So let's talk to Mike Trout about BODYARMOR and a look into the upcoming season... Hey, he called me...


(It was ten a.m. and we are not a morning person house, so pardon the speakerphone-powered audio being imperfect)


Rev Halofan: Okay so we're here with Mike Trout, very excited to talk to you about BODYARMOR becoming the official drink of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, correct?

Mike Trout: That's correct

Rev: You're an early investor in BODYARMOR?

Trout: Yea I've been a partner for two years now

Rev: And did you have anything to do with the team taking the drink on?

Trout: Last couple of years, or last year, we were able to get them into the clubhouse and all the guys really liked it. And I just brought the BODYARMOR attention, so we could get it into the dugout next year or this year, and they talked to a few people and talked around, and we made it happen

Rev: Wow, so and you prefer BODYARMOR. What is the strength of the product over some of the other sports drinks out there?

Trout: When I was growing up, obviously one of my main goals was to be a part of a sports drink, and there's a lot of different ones out there. I tried BODYARMOR, and I cramp up a lot, and there was something different about it, the electrolytes, that made me feel ready to go, before games, and recovering after games, staying hydrated, more than the other ones

Rev: Now, I found out that you were really into BODYARMOR when you retweeted, I think it was Rob Gronkowski, was tweeting that he wished that BODYARMOR were available on the sidelines, as opposed to the competition. So you were kind of on the team. There's a couple athletes out there in the main sports, that are basically the pioneers, so to speak, of getting body armor noticed by the other athletes. Has it been an uphill battle? Have you met any resistance?

Trout: Like I said, it was one of those things that we just put them in the clubhouse, and I came in each and every day, the guys were just having them in their hands and drinking them. The last couple of years, you can't really bring them in the dugout, its obviously not allowed, so you have to do them on your own time, in the clubhouse, outside the stadium... but now that we can get them in the dugout, obviously Gronk is pushing to have them on the sidelines, its something special for sure.

Rev: So we'll be seeing it in the dugout this year, at least in the Angels dugout, correct?

Trout: Yes thats correct

Rev: So, we're one down, 29 to go, it looks like body armor's got its sights set on market leadership here. Is that how you envision it?

Trout: You know, you obviously want to have the best sports drink. Its the best for me, and its really coming along great

Rev: Great, so let me ask you this. I'm not exactly an athlete, and if you look into the stands at most major league games, I don't think anybody's physique on the field is going to be challenged by many of the people in the stands, how does the average fan figure in with BODYARMOR? What advantages does drinking BODYARMOR as a drink, lets say on a hot day after maybe gardening, over some of the other sports drinks, what's the advantage?

Trout: Like I said, it keeps you hydrated.  After a long day, nothing is better than a cold BODYARMOR, all the different flavors they got now a days, they're coming along making new ones each and every day. It's definitely a refreshing drink

Rev: awesome, what's your favorite flavor?

Trout: Lemon Lime, new one

Rev: Oh wow, okay so there's a new one. Hey so switching the conversation, we're right on the beginning of the season here Mike, you looking forward to heading deep into October this year, correct?

Trout: Yea, definitely, that's obviously our team goal, you have to think positive from last year, we had the best record obviously in the regular season, you know we have to take positives out of that, so we can have a good start.

Rev: Looking back on those playoffs, it seems that Kansas City had so many miracle plays, so many miracle catches, I lost count of how many, I mean you guys played them so close, two extra inning games... How long does the letdown last after something like that, or do you just accept it and move on?

Trout: Yea we just have to turn the page, it's a new year, that's last year, and we just ran into a hot team. They did everything right, as a team, and they were playing good baseball, cant take it away from them

Rev: Yeah, so a little different action in the clubhouse this year.  You show up to Tempe Arizona, and... no Howie Kendrick... did you miss Howie at all?

Trout: Yeah, he was a great teammate, great person on and off the field and a great player. There's a lot of new guys on the team, three guys are vowing for the second base job and it's gonna be tough to fill in his shoes, but I think the biggest thing is, if they try not to put up the numbers that he put up and just play their game, I think they should be fine.

Rev: Great, great. So you're looking to steal more bases this season, maybe?

Trout: Yeah definitely, i want to take advantage, take more changes, obviously don't wanna run into an out, but... like i said, just take more chances.

Rev: Let me ask you this, do you have the green light, or do you have to wait for the sign like other players?

Trout: Yeah, I got the green light, but you cant go when the pitchers real quick to the plate, it's almost impossible to steal.

Rev: So a lot of it is about timing

Trout: Yeah, timing is a big issue

Rev: Hey, I really appreciate you taking the time to let everybody know, and for joining Halos Heaven... there's a lot of blogs out there, and I'm glad that you chose ours to get the word out about BODYARMOR, and we're certainly going to be drinking lots of it. Good luck ahead in 2015, Mike Trout, and I wanna finish with one kind of inside baseball, inside Angels fan thing.... you know, what seventh inning song besides "Buttercup" could we be possibly listening to, now especially, does BODYARMOR have a theme song yet?

Trout: Haha, I dunno... a lot of people don't like Buttercup, but I like it, it's alright.

Rev: Okay 'cuz the lyrics are about kind of being let down, and I think a lot of Angels fans want to be uplifted, and of course many of them are looking to you, and apparently you're looking to BODYARMOR, so we're excited about that.  Thanks for joining us Mike!

Trout: Appreciate that, thank you.