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2015 Pregame Picks Introduction

It's that time again... let's get ready to start the season!

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Are you ready for the season to start??

Well, I sure am! For those who are veterans, feel free to skip over this post. 
You know how the schtick works and there really aren't any changes to how things work.

For those who are new, I swear I won't take too much of your time.

Let me introduce you to the Halos Heaven Pregame Picks.

It's simple really, before each game, I will post a Pregame thread, where you'll find a google docs form that contains a little game. Answer it, hope you get it right, and repeat for 162 games (hopefully more)

I'll attempt to have it up by midnight (pacific time). If it's really late  or you find something wrong/missing/unclear, feel free to email me and see what's up. Just find me at google with the same username.

Also, keep in mind, if no-one asks for clarification anything ambiguous ends up going in the way I intended the game to go. So, when in doubt, ask. You can post in the comments too, but the response may be a bit slower!

The games will vary in difficulty, luck, and predictability. Each game will earn you points, how you earn them depends on each game and will be outlined for you there! So make sure you pay attention there.

Now, here's the important thing... make sure you comment in the pregame thread on top of posting on the form.
Doesn't matter what you post, as long as you post something.

Without it, your form post will not be accepted. No Points. No Credits. No nothing.

Every Saturday I will (attempt to) post a weekly results thread.
It will have the results of the week's games on it, as well as a running total of how you stand against all other members.

It is your responsibility to make sure your score is right. A program does tally up the scores, but code is only good as its creator... so, make sure to double check my work for me. it benefits both you and me!


  • Pregame thread is available before each game.
  • Submit your answer AND post in the comments by the first pitch to register your pick
  • If the pregame thread is late or if you find something ambiguous, please please email me / comment about it.
  • Weekly Results will be posted (hopefully) on Saturdays
  • It's up to you to check that the results are correct!
Any questions? Ask away!