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Pacific Standard Time Should Help Angels

Not just a homestand...

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

When the Angels left Houston, Mike Trout tweeted this:

What he did not add to this tweet was that the Angels will be in California for 26 consecutive nights. It is a rare thing for a west coast team to remain in the same time zone for that extended period of time.

The Angels have a seven game homestand beginning tonight and then, on their off day next Monday, fly to the Bay area to play Oakland for three games. Due to a quirk in the interleague schedule, they then face the Giants in San Francisco. Since the Angels stay in a hotel in SF whenever they visit Oakland, they will be in the same hotel for six nights.

Then they return home for a nine-game homestand before leaving for the east coast on their May 14 off day. So that gives them 26 nights with only two plane trips and two bedrooms. This might be unprecedented for a West Coast team. Teams in the middle of the country never have too long to fly on road trips and teams on the east coast can play in the same time zone for months at a time with so many baseball cities there and all of them so close together.

For west coast teams it has been an uphill battle with the schedule maker to make more sense of the schedule. For the first time in my memory as a fan, we will get to see the team concentrate on baseball instead of travel for almost a month.

We will see the real Angels emerge in this time period I believe. Are you ready?