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Tuesday Halolinks: Nothing goes right for Jedi Halos

This Force is weak with this one.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last Friday, the weather outside of my still uncompleted Bangor compound was a comfortable 78 degrees.  Today it is snowing.  You have no idea how much that sucks.

At least I have Halolinks:

  • Let's see, bad pitching and bad hitting result in a bad game.  Maybe the club should stop doing so many bad things.  Matt Shoemaker battles control issues as Angels lose to A's, 6-3 - The Orange County Register, "Shoemaker walked three, struck out just two, and retired nine men while permitting seven hits, including two homers. The only worse game he’s pitched in his major-league career came in a four-inning, eight-run effort against Kansas City last June. Facing rookie Oakland right-hander Kendall Graveman, the Angels’ sputtering offense did little behind him. David Freese hit a two-run single to a cap a three-hit first inning, but the team produced only two hits thereafter. One came from Albert Pujols in the third inning, which scored Mike Trout, who had previously reached on an error and stolen second base."
  • Mike Scioscia doing his best Bob Segar impersonation: Shoemaker's wild night costs Angels -, "Matty never settled in to what he does best," manager Mike Scioscia said. "That's strike one, pound the zone and change speeds. We'll turn the page on Matty for this one."
  • Personally, I hope he comes back and mashes.  Forget about he relapse, the divorce, the non-suspension, and focus on winning some ballgames: Angels have a comeback plan for Josh Hamilton - LA Times, "Under the tentative plan, Hamilton would report to the Angels' Arizona training complex for two to three weeks of work with the team's extended spring program. He would then proceed to a minor league rehabilitation assignment and could rejoin the Angels thereafter."
  • Oh yeah, I forgot about him: Skaggs might follow Havey's rehab schedule -, "Waiting 17 or 18 months instead of the more typical year after surgery might help accomplish that. Skaggs said he's already getting antsy because he's not able to pitch, so a few more months won't change that, as long as it's for the best in the long run. He said he'd inquire about delaying his return to the mound until the spring sometime in the next month."
  • This stuff is pretty cool: The Physics of Baseball in Super Slow Motion – The Hardball Times, "It turns out physics is perfectly capable of addressing the behavior of non-rigid bodies, but it is really difficult. So instead of going into detail here, just enjoy this amazing video. At the speeds involved in the collision, the ball is highly elastic. It looks like it is made of rubber!" 
  • The guy in the yellow jacket is going to have nightmares.  Not because of seeing the woman take one off the bean, but for realizing the nation saw that he and his wife wear matching jackets: Fan at Cubs-Pirates Taken Off on Stretcher After Foul Tip Hit Her Head Through Screen [UPDATE] | The Big Lead, "The Pirates updated the fan’s status and said she was conscious and thanking the caregivers when taken to the hospital" 
  • Good ol' Aramark...The Royals Are Serving Fans Moldy Garbage Hot Dogs, "This food was prepared by Aramark, the concessions company that inexplicably has a contract at Kauffman Stadium despite having been busted just a few months ago for selling rotten horror food to fans. Take heed, Kansas City sports fans! Your favorite team is actively trying to poison you."
  • Whenever I wander into the local Target or Walmart and browse the baseball cap section, my choices are Brewers, Nascar, or some beer company's caps.  So I think it's strange that I'm surrounded by drunken, redneck Brewers' fans and know almost nothing about the local team (the Twins are actually closer to where I live, but that's entirely different state!).  It wasn't until I came across this post that the Wisconsin baseball situation became clear: Milwaukee’s Untimely Collapse - FanGraphs Baseball. "So there’s terrible baseball, and then there’s this, in which a team that had just about no margin for error has gotten off to what’s basically the worst possible start imaginable. You can’t make the playoffs in April, but you sure can miss them. That’s a saying that exists or it’s one I’m either making up or poorly paraphrasing, but now it’s on the Internet, and therefore it’s true. Welcome to the 2015 Milwaukee Brewers, a team that just saw its season implode before it really began."