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Are the Angels trying to get into opponent's heads?

Are the Angels using mind tricks to give them a home field advantage?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not really sure when it started, but it appears the Angels might be using subtle mind games on their opponents.

During Tuesday night's Angels - Oakland game, I thought I remembered reading about a college football team painting the vistors' locker room pink in order to give the home team a slight edge in the "manliness" department.  After a little research, there indeed was a college team, the University of Iowa, had employed the color pink to give themselves a greater home field advantage.  Per Wikipedia:

Kinnick Stadium is well known for its pink visitors' locker rooms, a tradition started by emeritus Iowa coach Hayden Fry. Believing that pink would put opponents in a "passive mood", and because he thought that some believed pink was a "sissy color", Fry had the visiting locker rooms decorated completely in the color pink.

The psychological effects of the pink visitors' locker room have not been heavily researched. Although the effects on color and performance have been studied in businesses and schools alike, no one has researched the effects that the pink locker room has had on the visiting athletes. When looking at the effectiveness of the pink locker room, there was an increase in the wins once Fry became head coach and changed the color of the locker room.

Well, check this out -- first, the Angels dugout:

A nice Angels' red covers the walls of the home team's dugout.  It's red, but still quite manly if you ask me.

However, here's the visitor's dugout at Angels Stadium:

OMG!  With at all that pink, I'm surprised we're not getting shots of the Oakland players kissing!  Divert your youngster's eyes, there may be homosexuals in the dugout.

Okay, okay, I know, that's a T-Mobile thing and there are several pink banners throughout the stadium, but is it possible the sissy pink in the visitor's dugout is intentional?

We may never know.