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TMZ: Josh Hamilton Wife No Cheater

Katie Hamilton tells her side of things... to TMZ !

Josh and Katie Hamilton make the tabloids
Josh and Katie Hamilton make the tabloids

Beleaguered Angels albatross Josh Hamilton now has his wife communicating her side of the story through TMZ!

HamBone's wife Katie Hamilton told TMZ Sports that she was completely "blindsided" by her husband's decision to file for divorce -- and says she'll always love the baseball star. ( LINK to STORY)

Hamilton filed the divorce docs back in February. He is seeking to end their 11-year marriage. Language in the divorce documents cover many bases, including the possibility that there are intimate relationships occurring outside of the relationship. This legal boilerplate does not apply to the Hamilton marriage according to the wife.

Did she deliver any information that might have explained why Josh left Califronia, went down to Texas and got "un-sober" for a night? Nope. She claims the whole filing for divorce was a surprise!

"It came out of nowhere," Katie says - "There was no big fight or blow up. Nothing sparked it."

As for reports that Katie cheated on Josh, Katie says they're ENTIRELY FALSE. Her insistence is clear: "I never cheated on my husband. Are you kidding me? I did my marriage the entire right way."

Despite the shocking split, Katie says she has nothing but love for Josh -- and wants nothing more than for him to be happy and successful in life.

"I've always stood by him and I'll always stand by him. I support and love him now and down the road."

Sounds like she loves him. Besides love, do you think there are 83 million reasons why she wants to stick around?