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Shattered. Changes at Halos Heaven

New staffing at Halos Heaven.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The first time I talked to Rev Halofan about Halos Heaven, he said something that stuck with me for the 8 years I've been a part of this community.  We were talking about how he wanted the site to be perceived, and he said, "Let the other blogs be The Beatles, we're going to be the Stones."  And with that, the course was set.  No "Love Me Do", none of that "she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah."  Nope, he had us singing "Paint It Black", "Satisfaction", and "Under My Thumb".  I feel grateful I got to be the Keith Richards to his Mick Jagger.

Although I disagree with what he wrote, I understand why he wrote it.  Rev went punk rocker while the internet went disco, all the while everyone else remained Stones' fans.

Rev has left, but Halos Heaven will continue on.  We'll continue to carry the flag of the team we love, regardless of what other fans or their website thinks of us.  Yet, there needs to some change.

Obviously, one person's perception isn't reality, but it still hurts when this type of crap is spewed at the site.  I know we're not a cesspool of hatred.  The people who come to this site are like family; we have the cranky grandparents, the goofy uncle, the sour aunt, the side-splitting cousins, and the brothers and sisters who hold it all together.  From this point forward our family will continue to root on the Angels.  We'll continue to hate the Rangers.  We'll continue to either love or hate Vin Scully.  We'll continue.

SB Nation has asked me to step in and run Halos Heaven on an interim basis, and I'm happy to do so.  Like all good companies, SB Nation wants the best for each of their sites, so they'll be on the lookout for the right person and the right fit.  Who knows, I love this site, and it might be possible SBN and I get engaged at some point...maybe a couple kids, a nice home with a big-screen TV to watch the games on...right next door to Preston Ross.  But until then, as Rev always said

"Go Angels".