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Halolinks Part 2: Hamilton and his "no accountablity"

Josh Hamilton is gone from the Angels, but the bitter taste still lingers.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the rest of today's Halolinks.  Hopefully this all will die down soon, however, I doubt it.

  • Hamilton's name gets added to the long list of Angels' failures.  Of course, the Angels aren't alone in making bad player decisions, but this is an Angels blog, we don't care when another team throws their money away.  Josh Hamilton and the worst free-agent signings of all time - Jayson Stark Blog - ESPN, "The Angels were so desperate to get him off the premises that they were willing to "trade" him for pretty much nothing -- to a team in their own division. Amid a bizarre backdrop of embarrassment, frustration and (let’s face it) anger. So, in the end, they paid him over 100 million bucks for, well, what exactly?"
  • It's not often I hear about something Mike Scioscia has said that I'm interested in.  His typical comment is along the vein of "turn the page'.  So when he actually speaks out about something, it carries some weight with me.  This comment is heavy: Los Angeles Angels manager Mike Scioscia says Josh Hamilton was 'wrong' not to thank teammates before trade, "For him not to show at least a little remorse toward his teammates I just think is wrong," Scioscia said. "It's unfortunate he had his relapse but I know we supported him in every aspect whatever his needs were. Just in hearing some of his comments, the one thing I think is sad and I'm a little bit disappointed is the fact that there wasn't any accountability most importantly to his teammates."  I think this is what the fans are having a problem with also.  Hamilton was someone almost all of us wanted to root for, but in the end, he didn't give a shit about the fans, he was only interested in Josh Hamilton.
  • Many in the MSM have sided with Hamilton in all of this, but what they haven't been a part of is the day-to-day dealings the Angel organization has dealt with since day one: Mike Scioscia: Hamilton wrong not to thank Angels teammates, "General manager Jerry Dipoto knew something was off with Hamilton right when he signed. "From the moment he got here, there has been turbulence," Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto said. "If I could put my finger on why there was such a struggle, we could have corrected it."
  • And then Hamilton opens his mouth, and instead of saying anything about his part in this saga, he puts the blame on the Angels: Scioscia: Hamilton didn't take accountability -, "Moreno expressed his "disappointment" in Hamilton on April 10, saying: "We understand that he's had struggles, and obviously he's still having struggles, but the reality is there's accountability. When you make an agreement, you need to stand up." Told of those comments from the dais on Monday, Hamilton said, "Yeah, I have no clue what he's talking about." "[Moreno] knew what the deal was when he signed me," Hamilton added. "Hands down. He knew what he was getting, he knew what the risks were. He knew all those things."  Amazing.
  • Oh, but it gets better.  He's also blaming the Angels for his lack of a support system: Rangers have support system in place to help Josh Hamilton; How it will work - Dallas Morning News, "Between my last relapse in 2012 and this last one, a lot of my support system was removed and other pieces added, not all by my doing," Hamilton said. "I’m taking it back to 2012 and to pre-2012 to the support system that I want to have and that I feel is the best for me. I’ve put all those pieces back in place to help me not drink, use drugs and be the guy I want to be for the organization and for my family. I’ve tweaked my support system. It’s better."  Really?  What about this: Hamilton shrinks accountability partner's role -, "It's time to cut the cord a little bit," Hamilton said. "I don't really use it for home games. I go to the park, I do what I need to do, I know what I need to do, and I have my family. That was one of the main reasons." That was from February of 2014, one year later he's in a strip club doing coke.
  • So was all of this just a ploy by a spoiled boy to get what he wanted? Josh Hamilton says he sent video to Rangers in March, "I sent video to the Rangers of me hitting March 9, full-go," Hamilton said. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram cited a source saying Hamilton's video was sent to former teammate Michael Young, now a special assistant, and it was just two friends exchanging video, rather than Hamilton trying to manipulate a trade."
  • You know what's sad?  The Angels could still have this guy: Tuesday's power rankings - SweetSpot - ESPN, "4. Mark Trumbo, Arizona Diamondbacks. He went 4-for-4 with a home run and triple (missing the double for the cycle, if you're into that kind of thing). He's hitting .324/.343/.559, and if he keeps doing that, it's only going to make him a more valuable trade piece when the D-backs deal him in July."