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Camera angle for Angels

Many of us only get to see the Angels play on television, and for us, angle matters.

"Hey, isn't that your agent?"
"Hey, isn't that your agent?"
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There's an interesting post over at FanGraphs showing each stadium's center field camera angle.  Here's the link: Ranking Baseball’s Center-Field Camera Shots (2015 Update).  The post ranks each angle as it relates to the television viewers.  For example, PNC Park's camera is located directly behind the mound, showing the action from straight-away center field:

This angle results in a "true" sight line for pitch location.  A television viewer can tell exactly where the pitch crossed the plate.

If you've been to Angels' Stadium, you'll have notice that the center field camera is buried within the rock pile, slightly to the left field side of the center.

Resulting in a camera angle like this:

According to the above linked article, this is ranked the 28th (out of 30) television viewing angles. You know what makes it worse?  This (from 2012):

There's five guys in the shot; the pitcher, catcher, batter, umpire, and Scott Boras.  He's almost like a parrot sitting on Captain Blue's shoulder.  Or maybe more appropriately,

However, after researching this a bit, it looks like Mr. Boras has moved from the spot directly within the camera angle, to one that's more revealing (last season):

And now here (2015):

Perhaps if this trend continues, Scott Boras will be sitting with the guy from "Roadhouse" who sits in the suite next to the Angels on-deck circle.

Anyway, check out the camera angles this season as the Angels travel to other ballparks.