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MLB: Angels Officially Part Dodger Blue. WTF?

The Angels were totally embarrassed on a national stage by MLB.

You keep your blue away from me...
You keep your blue away from me...
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball celebrated the 2015 Opening Day by having the Empire State Building lit up in every team's colors on Monday night. Here ... looks at them all (LINK).

The Empire State Building often will change its colors for special occasions, especially holidays. Red, White and Blue for the Fourth of July or the colors of the flag of the World Cup winner are just two of many examples. Monday saw it combine the colors of all thirty teams in baseball.

Here is a screen shot of the Angels moment atop a national landmark:

Blue Angels

Notice something about that? When is the last time the Angels wore Dodger Blue? How about... uhhhh... Never, yeah, the Angels last wore Dodger Blue NEVER. But there it was, one of two colors that MLB officially associates with the Angels - Dodger Blue.

The Angels have had some Navy Blue in their uniforms historically. The California Angels had dark Navy Blue caps. Through 2001 the Anaheim Angels had Navy Blue and Periwinkle uniform colors. The color red has always been the primary lettering color of the Angels and since 2002 it has been the dominant color of the franchise. If there is a second color associated with the team it is the silver halo atop the Letter A in their logo. Navy Blue was last seen about ten years ago as a threaded shadow on the outline of the jersey lettering and about four seasons ago on the batting practice caps. It is almost completely gone in the current fourteenth year of this the red-dominated look.

But apparently, official notice of the visually obvious has not been given to MLB. When tribute is paid to the team by the powers that be, they make sure that not the Navy blue of the Autry-era caps is added, nor the silver of the team uniform halos, no they make sure that Angels Red shares the stage with Dodger Blue.

Someone, somewhere, in the organization has got to step up and make it official - the colors of the Angels are scarlet red and bright silver. If the club cannot offiically do this and see the team represented as such in MLB's design tools... can we as fans surmise that the Angels are planning on making the team bluer? Is a move to Dodger Stadium in Arte's plans? Is an abandonment of the red or an alteration of the team's most successful identity underway?

We want answers. Someone call the team and ask: "Who Goofed? - I've Got To Know!" and if it wasn't a goof make sure you heckle this color scheme until they crack and scream "This bleepin' job is not that bleepin' easy!" Whatever it takes, the Angels are a RED team with a silver Halo. The only BLUE in Anaheim is the mood the team should be putting opponents in.