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Week 05 - Pregame Picks Results

Week 05 Champions: angelslogic, sunshine thermometer
Overall Leader: Professor Baseball (3 wks)

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

There was a bug in my scoring program for the Blackjack Game, where it didn't properly display the score with Angels Hits.

This fix resulted in Telinuauthour, brownlunchsack, htennis to each earn 1 point for the game (up from 0).
Note that this game was part of this week, so none of the previous results will be affected.

Game 30 Results here.
Game 31 Results here. (This game has properly included the Angels Hits)

Weekly Champion
Week 05 Champions are angelslogic and sunshine thermometer each scoring 10 points!
Full results can be found here.

Overal Leader
Overall Leader is still Professor Baseball, the lead has been shaved by 1 though!
Current overall standings can be found here.

The Top 10 looks like the following:

Professor Baseball 31
htennis 28
Chone's Chonies 28
Ant Fan 27
lodihalofan 27
btown100 26
atlantangel 25
Eric in Portland 25
glausistheboss 24
max peter 24
FecherA 24