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Angels win on Mother's Day, get series split with Astros

Angels get a win behind Garret Richards' gem, beating the first place Astros 3-1.

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Angels 3 Astros 1

Garrett Richards pitched 6 1/3 innings of no hit baseball, totally confounding the visiting first place Astros and giving all the Halo Moms a thank you gift in the form of an Angels victory. Garrett allowed a few walks in his no hit bid, but his location was mostly pin point and, per usual, he was showing plenty of faith in his fastball even after he was reaching the 100 pitch mark. It was a signature start, and a great compliment to the relief pitching from last night that seemingly carried over to today's game. Huston Street managed to get a save under his belt without burning down the lead like a garbage fire, a welcome sign after seeing him give up back-to-back saves just a few days ago.

The Angels did all the damage they'd need for the day in the fifth inning, as they finally got to Astros pitcher Scott Feldman. The bases were loaded at one point, and the Angels needed a hero to break the game open. Up stepped a man...they call him Destructobeam...and he took a mighty swing, crushing the ball to length untold. Okay, so it was a bloop hit that went about 15 feet down the third base line, but it managed to score an alert David Freese, and Feldman's ensuing throw at the plate was over the catcher's head and allowed another Angels runner to cross. The game was now wide open, and Chris Iannetta was at the center of it. I know, I'm stretching, but I just feel so bad for the dude. Hopefully that fluke of a play doesn't give Scioscia any ideas as far as keeping Carlos Perez on the bench some more.

They got the series split, against one of the best teams in MLB right now; Garrett Richards looked studly; plenty to take away from this series between two division rivals(still sounds weird).