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Rockies no match for folk legend Johnny Giavotella, Angels win 5-2

Johnny G kept his legend alive, Matt Joyce unleashed three RBIs and CJ Wilson looked pretty darn good, all in a day's work.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Angels 5 Rockies 2

Whenever the Angels get into the habit of continually having games stay close into the later innings, you can't help but feel a little woozy. Mainly it's from the constant yo-yo'ing between leads and comebacks, our equilibrium as fans gets tweaked and every game, around the 7th inning, you really don't know which way you could fall. An amazing win or a frustrating victory? Luckily they came up with the W tonight, because this one would have stung had they Angels found a way to lose.

CJ wilson pitched 8 innings tonight, giving up two runs on five hits and looking rather studly with his 2.36 ERA. I've been hard on CJ before, but he's been pretty good so far on the season and it was great seeing the look on his face when he realized he'd be getting a win for his efforts tonight against an agressive Colorado Rockies team.

At the plate, the Angels were holding their own against a never-before-seen pitcher, which is a welcome relief, getting on the board via a Matt Joyce RBI groundout. Yes, Matt Joyce got an RBI, in true Joyce-ian fashion! New sensation Carlos Perez followed immediately with an RBI single of his own. The score was knotted at 2 until the eighth inning, with Rockies going to their bullpen only to give up a clutch RBI single to my hero, my boy, my main man Johnny Giavotella. This guy is coming out of nowhere to lead his team(and be second in the AL) in game winning RBIs, and I'm loving every second of it. Of course, the icing on the entire cake tonight was Matt Joyce's 8th inning 2-run insurance double. It had to have felt great for the struggling left fielder to have a big hit like that. And a great night overall, getting three big RBIs.

Oh, and Albert Pujols had a stolen base. No big deal, nothing crazy to see here. Tonight was a fun game...seems like there have been a bunch of those lately. Or they've been horrible. I love baseball.