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The Future of Halos Heaven

There is some housekeeping that needs to be done, as well as a very big announcement to make.

We are family.
We are family.

Hi, I'm Josh Mayhood aka Mayheminthehood. You might remember me from such amazing articles as this, and this, as well as my presence in game threads, articles or maybe we've met in person(hopefully not in Las Vegas). Over the years, I've come to learn that Halos Heaven is, without a doubt, THE place to be for rabid, intelligent, and fun loving Angels fans, and I don't think any of you who have spent even just a few weeks here would disagree. Well, just as long as those few weeks weren't the first part of May 2015. We all are quite aware of what has happened recently on the site, and have discussed every aspect of it, or even had fightin' words with each other over it; it was tough, and we lost Rev. BUT! We're still here, and even Rev is still haunting around these parts, because this community deserves to live on! I know people have been wondering about what's going on behind the scenes, who's in charge, etc., and the purpose of this post is to make some announcements, put the past behind us and get focused on this team and getting back to Halos Heaven baseball business.

The Age of Mayhem

I'm extremely excited to announce to you all that I've signed on as Site Manager for Halos Heaven, effective...well, I guess now. This may make some people really happy, and maybe it makes some people upset, many will say "Who?", but before any reaction, it's important to get an idea of what's going to go down. Mat Gleason was a very singular, strong voice on this site; he was the backbone and the vocal cords and this was his world. It'd be a total misstep to try and have someone step in and do as much as he did, and in a similar way that he did it. Not to mention it'd be impossible, because there's only one Mat Gleason. I am not going to be that kind of site manager. I want to bring more voices to the main page, and the site as a whole, and if I do my job right then all your favorite things will remain the same on here, and we're going to be trying some really cool new stuff as well. I'm extremely excited, and I can't do this alone. Luckily, I'm NOT doing this alone, as there will still be familiar faces helping me out. Halos Heaven will be different than when Rev was running the show, but some of the other editors and I are really stoked on what's in store. Seriously, there are some pretty inspired and unique people I've met through Halos Heaven, and if we put our minds to it, we can make this site into something amazing.

It sounds trite, but I really would like to emphasize that you guys have tons of power on this site, to write articles, fanshots, or just let me know what you want to see more of, or less of. If you post good stuff, we will promote it into the stratosphere. Are you writing a long comment on a Halolinks thread, that includes some unique perspective or analysis? Make it a Fanpost! That's what those tools are for. Also, and this is IMPORTANT: if you've been lurking around for awhile, and are reading this now, or you used to have an account but have been inactive and you happen to see this, now's the perfect time to jump back into the Halos Heaven waters. The same rules as ever apply to this community, and they are meant to make this a fun, safe place to talk baseball, and that is not going to change.

The climate on Halos Heaven is changing, the clouds are parting and rays of sunshine are pouring through. The future looks bright for Halos Heaven, and I hope you guys dig the new direction and new perspectives. But make no mistake, people. This place will always have some attitude, but that's a good thing. I mean, you got THIS GUY running the site:


It's the Age of Mayhem, people! You're in the hands of a madman. The lunatic is running the asylum, mwhahahaha. dogs and cats living together...mass hysteria!!!

"Hello! Hooray! Let the show begin,
I've been ready.
Hello! Hooray! Let the lights grow dim,
I've been ready.
Ready as this audience that's coming here to dream.
Loving every second, ev'ry moment, ev'ry scream"

Whoa, sorry...kind of got carried away, there. But what would this announcement be if I didn't add a little Mayhem into it? ;)

Let's have fun and enjoy the heck out of the rest of this season, shall we? I will try not to let you down.