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Angels players as B.B. King songs

Matching up some of our current Angels to their B.B. King song counterparts.

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

The music world lost a legend, as King of the Blues B.B. King passed away yesterday at the age of 89. He was an all time great guitar player, with emotional phrasing and tone as unique to B.B. as was his famous guitar, Lucille. In honor of B.B. King, here are some of his greatest songs, matched up with their Angels counterpart. (Of course, most of his songs are about women, so the song titles will be more representative than anything)

Here we go!

Song: "Ten Long Years"

Player: Albert Pujols

If Albert were producing for the Angels in the same manner that he did with the Cardinals, then perhaps this would be a different song selection. But instead, we're left with a rapidly-aging 1B who has practically turned GIDPs into an art form.

Song: "Sweet Little Angel"

Player: Johnny Giavotella

Well, he's diminutive in stature. And he's pretty sweet, and he is an Angel. No brainer.

Song: "Nobody Loves Me But My Mother"

Player: Matt Joyce

He had a good game this week, so that's a start. But I suspect he doesn't have too many fans in the Halosphere, and rightfully so. I actually thought this connection would be funny, until I learned that him and his mom aren't even on good terms. That's a bummer. You know what? I love you Matt Joyce. There, I said it.

Song: "To Know You Is To Love You"

Player: Erick Aybar

He's been on the club for awhile, entrenched in the SS spot and going back and forth from playing brilliantly at times, to confounding the fanbase at other times. But, he's OUR shortstop and he's a damn fine one at that.

Song: "Rock Me Baby"

Player: Mike Trout

Trout rocks all of our worlds. Day in, day out. And I never want it to stop.

Song: "The Thrill Is Gone"

Player: David Freese

This guy has had some good time spent on the Cardinals, and even had an epic, MVP-winning World Series. But then he declined, and fast. And then we traded away Peter Bourjos and Randal Grichuk for him. He has yet to make a significant impact for the Angels, and there's pretty much no chance we see him go back to 2011 levels. The Freese is gone, baby.

Song: "Paying The Cost To Be The Boss"

Player: Arte Moreno

Not a player, but instead our intrepid owner. He's definitely the boss, as evidenced by some questionable signings in which he may have wanted the player more than the rest of the front office. And I'd say he's paying the cost for it, too, in both money and in reputation.

Song: "You Upset Me Baby"

Player: Jered Weaver

We're still trying to figure out WHO actually upset him, but don't ever make that mistake again.


So, who'd I miss and what song best suits them? RIP B.B. King