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HumpLinks: What the Hector? Santiago continues to surprise.

Hector Santiago rolls out yet another superb start as Aybar outsmarts Josh Donaldson in a close contest to give the Halos a 9th win in their last 13 games.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Hector Santiago continues to show off some serious mound skills. He hurled 7 full innings and gave up just 1 earned run off of 4 hits, leading the Halos and their rediscovered Offense of Anemia to a 3-2 victory.

The play of the game was Aybar's sneaky base running to avoid a Josh Donaldson tag and reach third base safely, putting him into position to score the eventual winning run on David Freese's subsequent sac fly.  [Remember everyone, Rule 5.09(b)(1) clearly states that "A runner’s base path is established when the tag attempt occurs and is a straight line from the runner to the base he is attempting to reach safely." the path is NOT a straight line from base to base. So Aybar could have been out in left field at the time Donaldson attempted to turn and tag him. Totally legal. Totally smart. Totally win.]


  • Two games on the stuff under their belt, and the Angels are reporting that the new Rogers Centre turf still sucks. Remember, this stuff is supposed to tighten up as it gets beaten down. Kind of like what is supposed to happen with the Blue Jays, I suppose.............

  • It turns out that the best way to keep Matt Joyce out of the lineup is to let Matt Joyce be the one who sets his schedule. Matt Joyce late to Angels day game he thought was at night. "...Matt Joyce has had a terrible start to 2015, and his season got even worse on Monday with an embarrassing gaffe. Joyce thought the Angels' day game on Monday against the Toronto Blue Jays was a night game, and was scratched from the starting lineup after showing up late to the ballpark."...........

  • Matt Shoemaker has flipped himself into a fly ball pitcher. "As of Monday, Shoemaker has the lowest ground ball rate among qualified starters at 28.2 percent....only Jeff Samardzija has had a larger decrease in ground ball rate; his decrease was by 13.8 percentage points, while Shoemaker's decrease has been 13.7 percentage points. In other words, Shoemaker almost ties the leader in terms of decreased ground ball rate. It's been a sharp decrease in ground balls."  That keep Shoemaker one step ahead of the posse, i guess. It also means that he is smart enough to know his opponents and exploit what it is that they do. C.J. Wilson should try to be that smart..............


  • Kid goes to ball game. Kid takes fake ID's. Kid declares himself to be a big man, gets drunk. Kid turns out to be a jackass. What a surprise. Kid banished from baseball. The end............Well, almost. Someday he might actually grow up. Probably into this guy.............