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2015 MLB mock draft: Keith Law projects Angels to take speedy Scott Kingery

The Angels have the 26th pick in the first round, and Keith Law suspects they'll go with Arizona 2B Scott Kingery.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

It's Keith Law Mock Draft Day! The baseball writer has published his annual MLB mock draft, which you can find here(if you can get past the paywall, that is). Here's the pertinent info for us Angels fans, though:

Scott Kingery

SCHOOL: Arizona
HT: 5-11
WT: 175

Analysis: I've heard the Angels are mostly focused on college players here.

Not much via way of analysis, other than his thinking that the Angels want no part of developing a player out of high school. People around these parts, like Turks Teeth, have known this for awhile, though, so focusing on college talent isn't really surprising.

Here's a little bit more about Scott Kingery:

1. He's an outfielder-turned-second baseman, and while the positional change is still very recent, he seems to have slid into the new role quite comfortably. In fact, in his first three games at second base, he ended up being the Pac-12 Player of the Week.

2. He is very fast, hits for contact and uses all of the field, he's disciplined and intelligent at the plate, draws walks and is currently #10 in the NCAA batting title race.

3. He's not that big, and if he were, he probably wouldn't be falling all the way down to 26th. He's one of the better hitters in the draft, but the size is going to make many suitors look elsewhere.

4. I'll say it again. He's fast. I mean, his Twitter handle is @scottyjetpax25 and boldly flaunts #speedkills in his bio section. I want a jet pack.

Here's a nice MLB video discussing Kingery a bit:

So, what do you guys think? If Keith Law is on the money, do you like the Angels going after a smaller, contact hitting, college speedster?