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Danielle Shoemaker on husband Matt's bearded bobblehead night

Matt Shoemaker and his legendary beard are set to be immortalized tonight via the time honored tradition of the baseball bobblehead. I asked his wife, Danielle, about her thoughts on the big evening and if his bobblehead held any special powers.

Danielle Shoemaker

Tonight will be a special and surreal evening for the Shoemakers. Matt, wife Danielle and their adorable baby boy Brady, will have a new edition to their home this evening...or maybe a few new additions, depending on supplies. Yes, tonight is Matt Shoemaker bobblehead night at Angel stadium, and as much as we fans get excited about that sort of stuff, it means even more to this beautiful young family. You can usually find Danielle on Twitter, where she'll either be making hilarious game commentary, or posting baby pics that are so cute they should be outlawed. I asked her if she would mind taking a few quick questions in anticipation of this very cool, very special night, and she happily obliged.

Josh Mayhood: Matt has a beard that can only be described as "majestic", and the bobblehead beard is equally strong. Are those Matt's actual whiskers on the bobblehead? Please say "yes".

Danielle Shoemaker: Well actually, I did notice that every time he shaved, the stubble magically disappeared out of the sink. Could have been Matt cleaning it up, but seems more plausible that someone was sneaking in and collecting it for the bobble head.

JM: If I kept Matt's bobblehead in the bathroom, would it know?

DS: If you can handle little tiny eyes watching you go #2 then it might! Or if you have kids you already know how that feels.

JM: How many bobbleheads does the team give you, if any, and will you keep one or two around the house, or are they being shipped back to family in Michigan to be preserved for future generations of beard & baseball aficionados to admire?

DS: I don't know how many we will get, but hopefully enough to fill the special "beard room" at our house we have dedicated to this event.

JM: The Angels tweeted a picture of Matt's bobblehead alongside some In-N-Out. Does Matt himself enjoy In-N-Out or do he and the bobblehead disagree on that?

DS: Matt loves In-N-Out double-double animal style, protein style.

JM: You have an adorable lil fella at home named Brady, whose cuteness dominates your social media accounts, naturally. What will his thoughts on the bobblehead be? How long until he's allowed to play with one? And as a follow up: how long until he breaks one?

DS: He has just started pulling on his dad's real beard, so I'm thinking the bobble head will be a nice little substitute when daddy is on the road. He will be allowed to play with one as soon as he can break one. So, immediately.

JM: Fans love bobbleheads, but what's it like for you and Matt? Is it sort of awe-inspiring to think "A stadium is going to be giving out little statues of my husband tonight", having been with him through his baseball journey? Or do you slowly get used to that sort of stuff? I'd have to imagine it's pretty darn cool.

DS: When I found out they were doing this I just couldn't believe it! It is so awesome that the Angels like him to the point of recreating him in a pint size. I am certainly not used to this sort of stuff, and I hope I never am! Every time his name is even announced in the stadium, or every time I see his face on section 212 I get so excited and thankful for all of this.

JM: That's about all I have for you! Matt is truly a fan favorite and the response so far to his bobblehead night has been great. Your Twitter account has been equally's so cool to see just a tiny glimpse into the lives and families of players we love. I am greatly appreciative of your time, Danielle, and we're going to be rooting for you guys all season long.

DS: Thanks for all the positive support you have given Matt, especially on the days he needs it most! You guys are awesome!

PS...In case you didn't think she was cool enough already, here's how our last correspondence to each other ended:

JM I just read your answers and got some good laughs out of it! Fun stuff. I hope they finish out this series strong and don't upset too many of your possible-Tigers-fan family members back home. (Shoemakers are from Michigan, fyi)

DS: Haha...I hope ALL the Tigers fans are upset after this weekend!