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Angels Swept In San Francisco

The Giants shutout the Angels 5-0 on Sunday, shelling Weaver in route to a three game series sweep.

Got off on wrong foot. Second foot wasn't much better.
Got off on wrong foot. Second foot wasn't much better.
Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels/Giants series this weekend had a little something for everyone: a pitching duel loss, an almost-comeback-halted-by-weird-play loss, and a run of the mill, lifeless shutout loss. The bats were way too quiet today, but even more alarming was the continuing decline of Jered Weaver. Weave started the game by giving up back to back homeruns, a feat only done one other time in Angels history(Mark Langston, 1996).  That was pretty much the end of the game, since the Angels offense could only muster 3 hits today, finishing off a frustrating series in San Francisco with quite the whimper. The epitome of a forgettable game...hey, let's turn the page, shall we?

Good news is we can all put this past crazy week behind us, and maybe even distract ourselves from the SBN drama and The Former Angel Who Shall Not Be Named, and come together once again as a strong, vibrant community. Perhaps Jered Weaver's sharp fall off will be the falling sky crisis we can all rally around. Silver linings, right?!