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Tuesday Halolinks: Are the Angels getting desperate?

Last night's game ending failed steal of second base reeks of a team trying to do too much with too little.

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Let's get right into those Halolinks:

  • I admit, I only saw the last half inning of Monday's game, but the way it ended spoke to me.  Trying to steal in that situation looked like an act of desperation, feeling you have to make something happen because if you don't, nothing is going to happen.  Shoemaker's gem derailed by Cruz and Co. -, "We were trying to get something going," Scioscia said. "Fernando is a pitcher who usually gives you a window [to steal]. Collin was on his own, he just didn't get his jump."  And when you play against a team who is desperate, they become predictable: MLB Recap - Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels - May 04, 2015 -, 'We knew there was a possibility he'd go,'' Zunino said. ''Rodney's not the quickest to the plate at times, but we had him slide-step there because we were anticipating that. We went with a fastball there to give us a little bit of extra time. Obviously when you see them send a guy in there to pinch run, you feel they're going to try to get him into scoring position.'' Here's a shot of Cowgill attempting to steal second base:
    Oh wait, that's not Cowgill...this guy was safe: Idiot On The Field Races Past Security, Somersaults Onto Home Plate, "A series of Idiots On The Field led to a lengthy delay in St. Louis tonight as Busch Stadium security tried to corral the hooligans who interrupted tonight’s Cubs-Cardinals matchup.
  • Tuesday night is game 2 of three against the Mariners, a team many thought would win the West division, but who have the identical record as the Halos (11-15), Seattle Mariners at Los Angeles Angels - May 5, 2015 - Preview, "No current Mariners players have homered against Richards. Third baseman Kyle Seager has the most success against him, hitting .319 (6-for-19) with two RBIs. Outfielder/designated hitter Nelson Cruz has hit just .182 (2-for-11) vs. Richards."
  • Unlike the continuous Jeff Mathis experience, that didn't take long for Butera to be sent packing: Halos call up catcher Perez, designate Butera -, "This wasn't as much about what Drew was or wasn't doing, it was about what Carlos was doing," manager Mike Scioscia said. "He's ready for the challenge of the Major Leagues." Perez, 24, hit .361 with two homers and 12 RBIs in 17 games at Salt Lake. He was obtained from Houston, along with right-hander Nick Tropeano, in a November trade that sent catcher Hank Conger to the Astros."  Maybe the little transaction like this is what the club needs to ignite the offense.
  • Jered Weaver's fastball continues to make news.  10 Degrees: Jered Weaver's fastball can't even break a Texas speed limit, and what it means for his future - Yahoo Sports, "The only non-knuckleball pitcher to throw a slower fastball than Weaver since the PITCHf/x system started tracking velocity was Jamie Moyer. He was left-handed and closer to Social Security than his draft date."  You know things aren't good when you're compared to late-career Jamie Moyer.  Here's Jeff Sullivan's take: Visualizing Jered Weaver’s Hittability - FanGraphs Baseball, "What made Weaver good has been missing. What it looks like is that, somewhere between 83 – 86 miles per hour, he crossed a threshold. His pitches simply got too bad to survive at the highest level. That’s too simplistic of an explanation, and Weaver would be effective again if he, say, located every pitch where he wanted, but maybe his margin of error is too small now. I don’t know. Weaver doesn’t know. Nobody knows what to do with this, because while it isn’t literally unprecedented, it might as well be. Pitchers don’t get to the majors throwing like this. Weaver will get a long leash, because of everything he’s accomplished, but if he doesn’t find more strength, it’ll be fascinating to watch his attempted adjustments."
  • Stop thinking and just hit: Angels' Joyce struggles to fill Hamilton's shoes- Orange County Register, "He admitted after Monday’s game he has struggled to handle the encumbrance created by Josh Hamilton’s relapse, injury, controversy and now absence. "I can’t sit here and say that I didn’t feel a lot of pressure or put a lot of pressure on myself to fill his shoes," Joyce said. "I just want to be successful. You’re in a new place, a new environment. You have a lot of fans that have high expectations."
  • Sometimes firing the manager actually does work - SweetSpot - ESPN
    Cito Gaston Don Baylor, 1989 Toronto Blue Jays 2015 Los Angeles Angels - The Blue Jays Angels were 12-24 when they fired Jimy Williams Mike Scioscia, who had averaged 90 wins the previous three seasons. Gaston Baylor, the team's hitting coach since 1982 2014, was offered the job but initially declined, saying he was happy in his current position. Only after the players lobbied for him did he finally agree. As late as Aug. 13, the Jays Angels were still a game under .500, but they closed 31-14 to win the AL East West at 89-73. They lost the ALCS that year to Oakland but would win World Series under Gaston Baylor in 1992 2016 and 1993 2017.
  • Some things just can't be ignored:
  • Johnny Giavotella is starting to grow on me, but if the price is right, Alex Guerrero would be a very nice acquisition.  But what caught my eye in this post was this: Dodgers would like to deal from crowd at third base; concerns about Mariners coming true - FOX Sports, "The Angels' selection of right fielder Kole Calhoun in the eighth round of the 2010 draft was a bit of an inside job — Calhoun went to Arizona State, as did the Angels' scouting director at the time, Eddie Bane, and the executive they later promoted to replace Bane, Ric Wilson. Bane, now with the Red Sox, said that he sent Calhoun a text last season comparing him to yet another Arizona State product, Dustin Pedroia. "You're the Pedroia of outfielders," Bane said. To Calhoun, who signed for just $36,000, it was the ultimate compliment."  I have no problem with the current scouting department, but I wonder how much they miss Eddie Bane.
  • Let's see, Vladimir Guerrero, but bigger and stronger?  Yes, please: Ortiz, Vlad Jr. lead Top 30 International Prospects list -, "Guerrero Jr. could be the best overall hitter in the class. He reminds some scouts of his father, showing the ability to hit a pitch almost anywhere it is thrown. But his overall body frame is much bigger than his father's was at the same age."