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Mike Trout 2015 Ongoing Home Run Collection

A review of Trout's home runs to date...

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

To date, Mike Trout has 9 home runs on the season.

This places him in a tie for 6th place in all of Major League Baseball.

Here is the collection of all of them.

Before we begin, here is the Pitchf/x data for pitch location of each of Mike's homers (from the catcher's perspective). Note homer #4, where pitchers were attacking Trout all last season.


#9: May 9th versus Houston. Off of Dallas Keuchel

#8: May 7th versus Houston. Off of Collin McHugh.

#7: May 6th versus Seattle. Off of Roenis Elias.

#6: May 2nd versus San Francisco. Off of Tim Hudson.

#5: April 29th versus Oakland. Off of Jesse Hann.

#4: April 26th versus Texas. Off of Anthony Bass.

#3: April 17th versus Houston. Home Run #2 in the game. Off of Chad Qualls

#2: April 17th versus Houston. Home Run #1 in the game. #100 of career. Off of Roberto Hernandez.

#1: Opening Day versus Seattle. April 6th against Felix Hernandez.